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Welcome to our site, this is where you can find information on SCP: Ascension - or anything else related to our studio.

Want to get in contact with us? Shoot us an email at contact@affraystudios.com

SCP: Ascension

Within a brutal and unforgiving world, you play as those trying to sustain life and the balance of our reality - or simply one of those trying to survive the ever-lasting chaos.

Fight together or die in the dark.

Planned Gamemodes
Pandemic • Blackout • Sandbox • Infiltration • Recon • Story Campaign


Play as a fireteam within a site-wide biological breach of Area 12, a facility located in West Virginia. You must secure facility power and gain access to new areas whilst recovering all the information you can - attempting to do so will require you to coerce your team through the infected. Who knows what secrets lay beneath in this nightmarish scenario? Find out on our anticipated release in mid-late 2019 for completely free!

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