Post Falls, ID 83854

Our Projects

We are building a small-scale franchise of games under the same universe. We plan on taking on projects in the future without SCP lore, but this is where our hearts and ambition currently lay. We are building our story of our own head-canon based on Project Ressurection, which branches into our own timeline called Project Ascension.

SCP: Pandemic

SCP: Pandemic is the current work-in-progess project we are going to be releasing shortly for free. 

We are using this standalone “glorified demo” to have a core multiplayer project that we can transition the framework over to our bigger long-term project: Ascension. 

Other Projects

We plan on a few smaller-scale project between the public release of Pandemic and before the release of Ascension. These will be non-multiplayer so we can eaily build them up without the need of worry regarding networking, infrastructure, and alike.

We want to be able to get these unannoucned IPs to be able to be minimum hassle so we can build up experience and potential income.

SCP: Ascension

SCP: Ascension is our long-term project that we are building ourselves up to accomplish.