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Welcome to our site, this is where you can find information on SCP: Ascension - or anything else related to our studio.

Want to get in contact with us? Shoot us an email at contact@affraystudios.com

SCP: Ascension

Within a brutal and unforgiving world, you play as those trying to sustain life and the balance of our reality - or simply one of those trying to survive the ever-lasting chaos.

Fight together or die in the dark.

Planned Gamemodes
Pandemic • Blackout • Sandbox • Infiltration • Recon • Story Campaign


Play as a fireteam within a site-wide biological breach of Area 12, a facility located in West Virginia. You must secure facility power and gain access to new areas whilst recovering all the information you can - attempting to do so will require you to coerce your team through the infected. Who knows what secrets lay beneath in this nightmarish scenario? Find out on our anticipated release in mid-late 2019 for completely free!

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    • Devblog 1.5: Notion

      Development is well and alive, with progress only proving to be more significant and consistent. As most of our time has been kept out of the public eye, a lot has been happening and will only progress to a solid stage for what we will consider "V0.1.0.0". We are truly happy with the resources and people we have within our team to truly step to the game we want to deliver. This will only get better as time progresses and when we get a more feasible income for the studio.


      The main thing we have been working on in the last few days, have been concepts for our game. We recently have had two talented concept artists join our team to truly add vanity within our development. Here are two examples of what we plan on making, including our 173 alternative (SCP-173-B) and our security department & RCF.

      Made by bathroomtile

      Made by Metabolic

      We also have concepts for specific room/hall designs, but we aren't going to show them off as of now, so here is an update to 939's Containment Cell (view from the overwatch).

      Made by Pyrew & Albarnie

      SCP Models

      Ah yes, the juicy stuff you are here for. We have been heavy at work on making some detailed, optimized, and sexy SCP models for you guys to scream at when you encounter them. SCP-940 is a parasite that can infect you similar to a bloodborne pathogen, once it infects you, a spider-like creature grown in your center mass until it spreads its legs out, killing you and taking control of you as a host.



      Made by bathroomtile

      The one other thing we are going to show off today is SCP-106 (Scranton), we will soon develop a corroded labcoat for him to wear from his past career before he got f#%@ed up in SCP-3001


      Made by bathroomtile

      I would like to give a warm welcome to our new developers on the team, as well as our active OG ones.
      They have contributed a lot in their time with us thus far and dedication should never go unnoticed.

      New developers
      bathroomtile (Concept Artist & Modeler)
      Metabolic (Concept Artist)
      Apocryphos (3D Artist & Animator)
      Ser Nerd The Third (3D Artist)
      Pyfer (Head Voice Actor)

      OG developers
      Tsujimoto (Lead Pain In The Ass Developer)
      Pyrew (Head 3D Artist)
      Albarnie (3D Artist)
      Bladekyle (Head Programmer)
      Coolz (Music Composer & Voice Actor)
      FireFox (Music Composer)
      Vizlox (Head Concept Artist)
      Verbose Bot (Programmer)
      Galopus (Concept Artist)

      Signing off, 
      Affray Studios

    • Devblog 01: Genesis

      SCP: Ascension has been in development for a little under a year now, yet our connection with our community has been lacking since we have started out. It is now August 4th, 2018, our development team has just had their first meeting altogether in a server consisting of approximately 30 development members. Of course with the meeting, we are also allowing you guys to be more informed on what is going on inside of SCP: Ascension's development.

      We will be releasing a devblog twice a month from now on. The first devblog at the beginning of the month will detail major development and information from each department of our development team. The second devblog during the middle of the month will detail minor development progress. The second blog will not be as detailed as the first, but will still provide insight into what can be anticipated for the main devblog.

      Let's get into the development!

      Modeling and 3D Design

      Our modeling department is a self-contained department lead by our Head Modeler: Pyrew. They handle the modeling, animation, and texturing of everything in SCP: Ascension. The main job Pyrew has been doing so far is modeling for the different rooms and hallways appearing in "The Zoo".


      The above image is a screenshot of the transport hallways of "The Zoo". As you can see the three-way intersection connects with a containment chamber and a regular door. What you may not notice at first glance is that the containment chamber doesn't actually start at the doors themselves. If you look at the wall going towards the containment chamber you should see a line going straight up and down. This is actually where the containment chamber begins, it connects to the three-way hallway seamlessly with its own dedicated "mini" hallway. The door on the left is also not a part of the hallway, it is a separate mesh altogether.


      The hallways in our game all connect seamlessly without the use of doors. Allowing our levels to connect to each other without worrying about the problem that Containment Breach faces where doors are at every single intersection. This should allow for a more realistic looking random generation system that everyone can enjoy.

      The hallways aren't the only thing in the modeling department that is getting worked on. Our many talented texture artists have also taken different models that have been made and have started developing unique textures for them. We will talk about that more in our next Devblog.

      Level Design

      Our level design hasn't been focused as much during development, however, there is still a good amount of information available to whoever is interested. The first Zone is Zone 1, "The Lounge". The Lounge is a completely non-anomalous floor with most clearance levels being 0-2. Facilities existing in the Lounge include:

      • Cubicles
      • Senior Offices
      • Cafeteria
      • Medical Bay
      • Primary Server Rooms
      • Primary Generators
      • And so on...

      The Lounge has direct access to the Brig and Checkpoint Alpha. This is probably the safest zone in Blackout but good luck getting there. 

      Zone 2 is known as "The Brig", it's where all the Class-D/Es are contained in a more permanent fashion.

      Zone 3 is known as "The Keep", it's the temporary containment zone for different anomalies. The entirety of the Keep is split up into three different areas for Safe, Euclid, and Keter objects. Anomalous creatures and artifacts are kept here when they are:

      • Being temporarily contained at Area-14 until relocation
      • Being moved to a different facility within Area-14
      • Getting enlisted into Area-14's possession
      • Being removed from Area-14's possession

      Again, this zone does not have a concept image for it yet. Zone 4 is known as "The Vault" and is the main zone used for object-based SCPs. Most of the Vault consists of lockers and actual vaults with items or artifacts inside. Zone 5 (also without image) is known as "The Lab" and holds all of the biological diseases and dimensional anomalies. The Lab is likely the most sci-fi facility in Area-14 complete with airlocks and a modern design. You will likely see a concept idea for it later on in the month.


      Zone 6 is known as "The Zoo" and it holds all of the non-humanoid creatures such as 939 or 058. It is very similar to a Zoo, complete with chambers that are conditioned to simulate different environments in the ecosystem.

      Zone 7 is known as "The Residence" and it holds all of the humanoid SCPs; such as 082. The actual look for the Residence hasn't been decided yet, but we will keep you updated once we have an idea.


      Our programming department is probably the most important department out of all of them. That being said it is also probably the one department I can't say much about since I do not want to leak inside information of how the game works. The programming department is separated into two different sections: front-end developers and back-end developers. Front-end developers take care of UI, Textures, Animations, etc... while back-end developers take care of Networking, Damage Calculation, AI, etc...

      I can't show too much right now but I can show one of the things we are developing at this moment.


      The above image is the concept art for the inventory screen. The slots on the right are the equipment slots. The slots on the bottom are the tool slots. The slots at the bottom left are the actual inventory. The slots at the top right are items that are around you (the reachable radius). A large number of slots that are left are the slots that appear when you open up some type of containers such as a bag or car trunk. 

      This inventory system will be fully versatile allowing for the size of the inventory, the number of tool slots, etc... to change from character to character. It is also transparent allowing you to observe possible threats while checking inventory. When equipping things or taking things out of containers you will be prone for a brief period of time. Try to mind where you put on equipment or check inventory, else you will die.

      Most of the programming I can't talk about currently, but I will keep you all updated on technology developed in the next devblog.

      Sound Design

      Something that you guys have seen a lot of during these last few days has been products of our sound designers. The sound design department is split up into three different sections which are the Music Artists, Sound Designers, and Voice Actors which take care of music, sound effects, and voices respectively. Our main focus for this devblog is our brilliant Music Artists, of which we have two: Coolz and FireFox. If you want to take a listen go ahead and take a look at our official soundtrack here. The current music that has been made (even those you cannot listen to right now) are:

      • A Voice so Familiar
      • Cracked Smile
      • CRUNCH
      • Curing Touch
      • Hammer Down
      • Last Hope
      • Lockdown
      • Lost Flame
      • Men of Secrecy
      • Naive Fools
      • Naive Fools who Make a Difference
      • Pandora's Box
      • Primordial Heartbeat
      • Red Feeling
      • Unfamiliar Voices

      Perhaps eventually you will be able to listen to the ones that aren't public. At this time we won't be releasing them until we have more tracks to share.

      Well, we certainly hope you enjoy the information shared, we will see you in the next post!

      Signing off,
      Affray Studios


    • We will now be posting development blogs rather than posting random screenshots/showcases. This will allow is to allocate more time directly to development, and create some juicy teasers and content to show off. 

      - Aidan (Jester)
      Owner of Affray Studios

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