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  4. Just suggest whatever you want and have the feeling is fittting, as long as it doesn't violate any rules you should be fine
  5. Good Epic. Also, Ban Galopus!
  6. Hello, this is a huge infopost regarding many topics of the overall development infrastructure and our plans to retain the playerbase and their loyalty - and as much info as I can physically cram within those two things as I possibly can. These are very important parts of a long-term effort in making sure we have the right tools to work with, and to ensure we have people that actually play and continue to play the game and our gamemodes for the foreseeable future. There is, of course, no telling what will actually happen until it's experienced, but I think it's healthy to share and familiarize you guys with how we see how we need to do things. There is also a good amount of things we just simply have to wait for for a few months, so we are talking to other tasks in the meantime until we can work on the bigger stuff and push a release. Is what it is. Retaining The Playerbase Before I get into the super technical stuff and lost a majority of you, I'll start with the more social aspect of our efforts. A lot has to be done to make sure we have a great game to be made - but most importantly making sure we have people who want to play it and have our respect, by us giving it to start with. The most simple start to this is the fact that we will never leave you guys in the dark, even if we get in hot water, we have and will suck up our pride and look forward. There is no need to let moments define us. Ultimately, there is no way of knowing how things will play out, but we are making sure we have all the avenues we can cover, well, covered - we are gonna control what we can, where we can. Getting Sales Sales are the start, but not the answer to all problems. We need to initially get you, the player (and others, of course) into the ropes of playing the game and turning a profit after our expenses. There are many factors at play here, such as losing your playerbase to short-term things like flip-flop refund people, people losing interest, and alike. We intend on facing this by working hand-in-hand with communities, creators, and getting outlet through the game press - ant ultimately striving to find any reasons is to their happenings, so we may be able to improve ourselves to keep it from happening. Content Updates / Multiple Gamemodes Another big way to face keeping interested is by our gamemode and update plans. Each gamemode suits different playstyles for people who want to mix things up to different players who simply play different things. Having more options = more people that want to stick around and/or try the game. to start with. On the same note, we will always strive to add more content to the game, host player-wide events, fix outstanding issues, and prevent technical issues from ever making it through the gates where we can. We want to build a sub-culture rather than being an empty shell. Mod Support Mod Support is a MUST for keeping players around long-term. And we are doing it in a non-segregated way to suit the fact of us launching on several stores and alike. We are big advocates of enabling people to create their own content without having to make their own games - being able to focus on fun and creativity. This is not something we are going to ignore. We even plan to go as far as curating content that we believe should just be in the base game (while making sure it's game-ready and optimized, whatever it may be). Optimization With as much as we intend on packing into the game, optimization in itself is a go-figure. We will always make sure things are as optimized as they can humanly be for the scale we want to bring this game to. We want to make sure people with even low-mid end can still at least play the game with their buddies until they can afford to upgrade. Consoles On the note of s**t hardware, we also plan on console release for Blackout and onward so even people without good computers can play on their consoles with everyone else. Epic Online Services is deeply enabling this for us. We are already on Xbox Live publishing, but we will most certainly have the others settled as we near their needed time. Gotta stick to the basics. Middleware Over the time we've spent withdrawing and taking a harsh look at the reality of the project, we decided on investigating around, finding assets, plugins, middleware, software, and alike we feel would serve us best long-term. There was also a recent GDG talk what went on YouTube explaining how in his personal experience, how fundamental good tools are for efficient (and quality) development. Here is the following image that I took from the said video (numbers are % of efficiency): Needless to say, great tools and resources to work with, especially in such a cumbersome and huge project of ours we decided to undertake, is detrimental to the quality and efficiency of making it. A lot of these tools even opened new ideas and things we can do for the project, really opening the doors into making this a feature-rich, quality game in the future as we pass through when we have more people to work within our efforts. Middleware & software at our disposal short-term and long-term efforts. Unreal Engine 4 There are honestly no words to describe how great UE4 is for us and our plans. It is a great graphics engine with a ton of useful tools, enablement of mod support for the future, a lot of room for third-party integrations, open-sourced code, and so much more that we are very fond of. A lot of what's great and can be used here is pretty common knowledge but is definitely a worthy mention of the list. For being a completely free-to-use engine, it does a lot of good for us and provides a lot of room for in-house optimization. Epic Online Services Epic Online Services is basically a metaphorical UE4, but for online services and infrastructure - but also fully free. We were originally using Gamesparks (now owned by Amazon as AWS), but Gamesparks also has a pay-to-use monetization method, whereas EOS covers all avenues Gamesparks does (and then some), but for completely free. Another game in the same genre as us, 'Ready Or Not', has also ditched Gamesparks for (seemingly) similar reasons. Epic Online Services covers cross-platform: inventory, achievements, matchmaking, parties, support ticketing (reporting), comms, analytics (for us), and alike. Easy Anti-Cheat Yeah, we're using a lot of stuff from Epic Games - this makes it so these three big things can be covered by the same contact. Having one contact when in need of help between UE4, EOS, and EAC really makes things more orderly than having to go to three different agents - especially when you consider the significance of these three items and the likeliness of their need of contact. We believe there is a reason other games in our genre use it (Insurgency, Squad, Post-Scriptum, SCUM, World War 3, Last Year: The Nightmare), in addition to the fact that a lot of the players we want in our game already use it and are familiar with it. We personally have good experience with it, it isn't too performance-heavy, minimized false-positiveness, and alike. Even in the worst-case, it's absolutely better than nothing. WWise WWise is audio-based middleware where we can make advanced audio systems without having to hand-make everything. WWise has its own application in addition to a UE4 plugin where we can create audio including effects, environmental reaction to audio, synchronization to animations, music mixing, and alike. It saves us a load of time rather than having to make everything by hand in C++, Blueprint, and alike - it is all UI-based that generates our needed audio content for integration into its usage. Discord Rich Presence (Client) DiscordRPC will be a pretty big part in building organic awareness of the game, people seeing other players playing our games on Discord profile cards is more effective than you may first think. It will show an invite to our server, game store page, and alike - making it so one player having our game has a bigger opportunity to eternally spread around without anyone having to say anything. We will also be using DiscordRPC for joining friends, spectating, in-app invites, and alike! Lots of cool options are offered for free by Discord for mutual benefit. Nvidia Gameworks Well, this is mostly built into the engine for clothing physics, destruction, and alike. No telling where we will or won't be using it. We will definitely be aiming to have Ray Tracing as a graphical option in addition to possible Nvidia Shadowplay integration for moments and alike. We'll see! Xsolla Software Xsolla is a payment method provider in addition to our anticipated launcher framework. Games like Dauntless, Escape From Tarkov and alike have used Xsolla's framework for their launchers. We have had Google Hangout calls and have an agent assigned to our game for both our pre-purchase page in addition to our launcher if we end up using it. Very neat! Although, for the time being, we have no use for it that immediately serves us. Quixel Megascans Not really something needed right away, but we intend on using this for outdoor environments to truly make them pop and feel immersive for gamemodes like the Story Campaign and Recon. They provide a material creator, 3D scanned meshes for cities and nature, and alike we can utilize with their middleware and plugin. Example of usage: mod.io This is what we will be using as an alternative to the Steam Workshop once we come around to opening up the full ModDK on the Epic Games Launcher. This plugin/software is very great for us so we can have non-store-dependent mod distribution and management for us and the user. We have been working with these guys (DBolitical) to make sure we will have all the account integration, engine (UE4) SDK, and alike aligned for when we will need it in the future. DBolitical, the creators of mod.io (and ModDB, IndieDB, and alike) is also a potential funding partner in the near future to support our long-term efforts. As for now, we have no use for mod.io, but we will have more rigorous efforts with it for long-term release. IKinema Nothing really of use of us right now, if not even if it comes down to it, but we do own a couple of licenses for this in case we ever decide to come to it. IKinema is an Inverse-Kinematic (IK) solution for game design. We already have our own bipedal IK solution for the project, but we may use IKinema for quadrupeds and alike down the line. IKinema also has a nice solution for VR full-body simulation called Orion, so, if we ever come to native VR integration, this may be our next go-to with IKinema. For now, this is just on the backburner. TrueSKY TrueSKY is a realistic weather simulation for the skybox with volumetric clouds, day/night cycling, and alike. It is one of those things where it doesn't really matter in a game like ours outside of very super specific parts. We plan to utilize it for open levels within the story campaign, Recon, and other various cinematic sequences and gamemode segments. This is an example of us caring about making the most out of small things. One specific example of a small, but effective use of this is flying into the facility as an MTF squad on a helicopter with thunder rolling and the clouds flying low during a Blackout event. In-Engine Plugins Advanced Locomotion System Excuse the low quality, this is due to downloading and editing YouTube videos. ALSV4 will be utilized in the near future when it is complete, it is a bipedal animation base with IK integrated straight into it for foot placement (stairs, slopes, etc), in addition, to support for additive animations for upper body, so no need to make full-body animations for different items, just the arms, and torso by layering it on top of the locomotion itself. One of our head developers is working with the creator directly to ensure the maximum usability for when it comes out, as for now, we are mostly sticking to things unique to our project like interaction, basic AI, and alike that we can add onto the system when we are able to. To summarize, we are doing this so we can have a decent amount of quality bipedal features without having to work on it just by ourselves, rather focus on things that we need on top of that. We also may be working with the creator of ALS in the future for more animations on top of the ones already provided (that will be unique to Ascension), as he is a talented animator that's worked on games like Splitgate: Arena Warefare and has a good taste for making things look nice and authentic. Not confirmed, at least until we get closer to a time when we're ready to do so. Gameplay Abilities I know some of you are salty about Paragon canceling, but there is one particular thing that came out of it that benefits us. The Gameplay Abilities System was created by Epic Games for their own titles like Paragon and Fortnite: Save The World, but they opened it up to everyone on the cancelation of Paragon. I do not know how to fully describe it on my own, outside of the rough knowledge given to me by my Lead Developer, but here is what GAS has to say about itself: "The Gameplay Ability System is a highly-flexible framework for building abilities and attributes of the type you might find in an RPG or MOBA title. You can build actions or passive abilities for the characters in your games to use, status effects that can build up or wear down various attributes as a result of these actions, implement "cooldown" timers or resource costs to regulate the usage of these actions, change the level of the ability and its effects at each level, activate particle or sound effects, and more. Put simply, this system can help you to design, implement, and efficiently network in-game abilities as simple as jumping or as complex as your favorite character's ability set in any modern RPG or MOBA title." Other Plugins I'll be honest, I mostly started this list to talk about ALS and Gameplay Abilities. But, we do have several other small plugins for making life in the editor more efficient and (sometimes) more fun for us. We simply need to focus on the art itself when it comes to the limitation we have in numbers and funding for the time being, so having things that aid us in having quality systems and functionality without having to do it completely ourselves is a huge blessing. Middleware, software, and engine plugins really make this game possible, no doubt about it.
  7. What are PC storefronts? PC Storefronts are basically places you can buy games on the PC Platform - all of them are free to use and do not have a level of entry as consoles do. Examples of this are Steam, Epic Games Store, Discord Store, Good Ol' Games Store (GOG), Microsoft Store, and alike. As we know not a lot of you may not support one or the other, or overwhelmingly support one over others, we are going to do our best to cover all avenues long-term to make sure people can get the game where they believe best-suits them, in addition to platforms we deem beneficial to us as a whole. We even intent on having our own launcher with Xsolla's framework. Note: All PC storefronts listed here are all considered for games under Affray (SCP: Ascension, Pandemic demo, Foundation Command, etc). Why isn't Steam strongly considered anymore for Affray Studios' titles? A plethora of reasons. We love Steam as users (for the most part), but as developers it gets extremely grey. This isn't even just because of their horrible cut for being purely a digital store - we also worry about being drowned out by Steam's hit-or miss algorithm and overall being drowned out by asset flips, other "meh" games under SCP, and alike. The other PC stores allows us to stick out from the crowd a lot more and to be discovered as ourselves without worry of the typecast the others may cast onto us. Definitely not ignoring Steam's anti-indie revenue split, as they only lower their 30% take if your game exceeds $10mil in earnings, and another cutdown after $50mil. If not for the egregious cut it is for Steam just being a digital storefront without hardware like PSN or Xbox Live that require recoup of costs, just the sheer hit on morale it brings on us to support that. Hence why we are focusing on other stores for now unless Steam really takes a hard look at itself, improves quality control, lower their awful cut for non-AAA income, and more control of the actual store pages. Other storefronts have more to offer here, hence why we aren't taking Steam as seriously for the time being. We would love to be on Steam, so-long as they become more fair to smaller creators. What are you going to do to ensure the community isn't divided by the different PC storefronts? Well, with the power of beautiful things like GOG Galaxy 2.0 and Epic Online Services, we have free and amazing solutions for cross-play, de-fracturing of storefronts, and alike while still having the individual benefits if each storefront in addition. Small Q&A segment for this: Q: Will I need an Epic Games account for Epic Online Services? A: Nope. We aim to have our own website as an option (Xsolla, likely.) in addition to options like PC store accounts, Google, Twitter, Nintendo, PSN, Microsoft, and alike. You can practically use whatever the hell you want to get started with EOS and it's functionality. Q: Who can manage information utilized by Epic Online Services? A: No data is sent to Epic Games unless you opt-in when in need of support beyond our ability of the moment - as well as the account data if you use an Epic Games account, only we can manage it otherwise. We will also never have access to you personal info outside of your identifiers (username, IP, hardware info, and alike), but this is mostly for summarized data, support ticketing, and anti-cheat. No bullshit. Q: What other games utilize this service thus far? A: Examples thus far are Fortnite, Dauntless, Spellbreak, and several others still in development. We will also be using mod.io in alternation to Steamworks Workshop. This enables cross-store and (possibly) console mod support. How will you get out there if you aren't relying on Steam's algorithm? Our plans are always forged without reliance on third parties in mind. Our focus is to broaden our scope so whichever route we have to take will be maximized to it's potential. Are you guys willing to take a PC storefront co-exclusivity deal? It honestly depends. We aren't gonna outright refuse or go all-in to the idea for the time being until the option is fully presented itself by Epic Games. We intend to only accept this idea if we were able to use our custom launcher in addition to the Microsoft Store - which are well within commonality in exclusive titles. we don't want to force people to use something they absolutely don't want to use, we feel that's bad practice. But, when it comes down to it - it's always long-term actions over short-term. Short-term, an exclusivity deal would make a lot of people dismayed, but long-term, we could get significant funding and more industry contacts for our long-term plans to be carried out more fruitfully. You have to consider the situation of a smaller studio like us with as big of plans as we do. Every action is always a measurement of risk v. reward - this is a bigger one that we will likely face in the near future. All we ask is to keep an open mind, we will always communicate, build healthy relations within our ability, and make sure you guys are fully in the loop. Choices made for long-term growth and development may get hairy - but we care for the utilitarian approach the most early on to ensure we have what we need early on and being able to move from there into a more "less controversial" way of day-to-day operations; we have to have our footing before we can please everyone. As commonly stated, we will always be open about our intentions, plans, possibilities, and alike. We never want you guys to be in the dark. Ew Epic Games, I hate them because Fornite and Tencent (things I legitimately hear all the time)! Not too worry, Tencent has no decision pull on Epic Games, Inc. so-long as Epic Games earn money to meet their shares. Stakes =/= decision power onto a company unless you exceed 51% - Tencent has 40%, which means they have no power, only the CEO of Epic, Tim Sweeney, has that form of power. We are not Epic shills or anything of the sort, in fact, some people in the Project Team & Community Team aren't fond of Epic - but the facts are the facts. Everything else is merely hearsay, if that (most of the time). I'm not gonna touch up on objective subjects like exclusivity - it's not my place to defend or go against that, really. Things like that are purely up to opinions of the people who witness it - there are reasoning for both sides of it. I only care about this stuff so-long as people look at things objectively with their heads and not emotion where it isn't needed. I'll also leave off with the fact that the Spyware hearsay (allegations) have timelessly been proves false. Epic Games Launcher is pretty garbage for the most part, but time will most certainly let it see improvement. Let's just see how things actually unfold, yeah? Links https://www.gogalaxy.com/ https://dev.epicgames.com/services https://discordapp.com/rich-presence https://xsolla.com/ https://mod.io/ Distribution method (PC Stores) w/o having to recompile the game for different store: We intend on utilizing this method so we can compile one base build for Ascension (and other games) for PC once, then going into Visual Studio to compile application extensions (DLL) that call for specific store API w/ Epic Online Services C++ distributables. For normies, this basically means compiling for individual stores is a few minutes rather than several hours each - very good. This ensures easy(er) cross-play and services so things are able to be healthily managed without an ENORMOUS headache.
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  9. Can i suggest Specific SCP Ideas for the game or just suggest add sum moar SCP's please clarify got a storm i'm brewin
  10. Through the time spent so far with this project, the rough patches, good times, busy times, we've simply been through a lot with this project. And, reasonably, a lot of you are likely curious is to why SCP: Ascension was both not able to hit our original expectations and why it will still continue to take quite some time before we are comfortable with releasing. We are a limited team with limited resources working to pull off a really ambitious vision. We do have resources aligned for mid-year and late-year. We simply have to wait/continue working smaller-scale until we are able to get more of what we need. We've had to restart development multiple times. 2019-2020 will definitely be the big years for us. Our original scopes were definitely clouded and working to aim with more flexible time is the best-case for all of us. We don't want to rush out the game and permanently ruin all foreseeable expectations and the overall vision people will have on us. To really sum up the state of this project relative to others, we started the Kickstarter in our first-ever prototyping phase. Which indeed is allowed on Kickstarter but it isn't a common thing, so we get the misunderstanding. With the resources we have considered mixed with the time we've spent, we've made a lot of ground. We will be showcasing a lot really soon (and I truly mean it and am sure of it this time), and we are really excited to do so. Worst-case for Pandemic's public release is around Fall-Winter. Which, the big part of that span is mostly shit we have to wait for, nothing too much in our control. But we will have testing much, much sooner than that. There isn't any intended flip-flopping, there is just a lot of moving parts and I really want to make sure there aren't any disappointments. We'll be as transparent as we physically can, as we've been. This project means the world to us and we've spent tens of thousands of combined hours working on it thus far. We really aim to please and impress. I'll also enlighten you guys on the stresses and issues we've had thus far with releasing Ascension and our planned showcases/teasers, mainly since not a lot of you are aware: We started this project pretty fast with big ideas without much idea how to really execute them in the beginning. We really wanted to go high because games have bored us and we wanted to have our impact within the industry, within both SCP and other genres we like. Through the first year was especially rough, as we were understaffed and the staff we did have were not adequate for the vision we have. Moving onto the recent, we have restarted our development several times, we even got to having playable builds and had some fun internally. But, quite simply, we weren't happy with it nor did we want that to be the first impression of both our project and overall studio. So, we decided we rather delay over rush something out that we simply didn't want being out. Within the last few months we have restarted the entire project outside of our 3D design and whatnot. Although, delaying has also laid out a ton of opportunities and resources we otherwise would not have been aware of to wait for to start with, so thank god we did. Truly. (ex. New PC stores, Epic Online Services, new UE4 features, our interested co-publisher starting up shop, and much much more). Delaying has been honestly the best series of choices we've made, it's really laid out a really solid path for us to take to make this into the project we truly want it to be. We've had our hardships, stress, exhaustion, you name it... but we will always dedicate ourselves to this project. It's what we breath for. We have a fuckton of ambitions, because fuck not wanting to push things further than they already are. If we gave into that, things would just stand still with half-baked ideas and the often 087 or CB-inspired games (lmao), we really want to put this project into what we want to. As we near the first release, not promising any timeframes, I can honestly say I am proud of the decisions we've made. Under some tough times, we decided to create Pandemic. Easily a great choice of us to create something smaller-scale to build up partner interest, add additional layer to our story, and so forth. Making this has really eased up our expectations and allowed us to really consider how to properly build the game and our assets for long-term usage for both us and future players who want to create modded additions. I'll start with the technical and move into the sentimental. I really want to explain our workflow as I believe it will add further explanation into the time we spend into the early prototype (InDev) versions of the game. First off, we are making all of our level design assets completely modular. That's right, even people who do not know how to 3D model will be able to pick up our work and create level design and easily edit in additions. To sum up the style, we practically make a lego set with all the pieces in the box with a vague instruction manual is-to how to assemble it, with tone of room for post-modification without having to pull it back into Maya or Blender. It really makes life within the engine much easier. Here are some examples (everything shown is made by us): Reactor room (Currently being worked on): We have assembled even big areas like this to make it so we can easily add onto it later and reuse parts whenever we need to. This primarily serves as an example of (WIP) cylindrical modular assets + squared modular assets. Transport bay/Transport tunnel junction You can see the tiled nature of this block-out: the floors, centered door frame, railings, beams, and alike. Canteen/Messhall: I mostly want to show this one as an example of how modularity really works in our favor. This started as the original layout, but we decided last minute to make it a more interesting space to be in. What we changed it into: We were able to make this without having to export/import new assets, just simply moving the pieces around into a better, more roomy layout (ignore the blurriness, it was taken from a Discord screenshare). Transport Bay staircase: Another example where you can easily see the modularized assets and their effectiveness in building them in-engine without having to go through a huge process, rather just moving stuff around. Before they become concepts I would also like to explain is-to the even more time-consuming (but necessary) aspect of creating these modular level assets. The simple gist is, we go from concepts to usable assets. As you can see, here are images of non-modular, unoptimized (at least not consistently), freeballed 3D concepts before they are picked up by another artist into becoming a modularized environment set. Not much has to be said here, I'm just giving an example to the depth of the workflow. It's broken into the following stages: Description This is where I give a description is to what's needed for specific rooms, the needs, rough measurements, mood images, and alike. Concept This is where the team gets a concept made, generally 2D isometric or 3D mock-ups. Modularization This is where the team (mostly Pyrew) takes the concept and starts making a modular level asset kit. To be continued... There is a whole lot more that can be explained on the programming side of things, but I rather save stuff like that for the upcoming development vlogs. This is the last development blog. We will be moving on to better, more detailed content very soon. Thank you guys for sticking around and giving us all the support you have.
  11. Well the multidimensional hopping mask isn't to be used without being careful... when a guy used it and shoot the creatures of that dimension in real life he killed a dozen of random people.
  12. TBH i don't think these turrets should have any weakness other than (if you disguise yourself as another person when you aren't that person you are not shot) and i certainly don't want the freakin computer anywhere near this game (does Area 14 even have SCP 079?) just add ceiling turrets that can be manually controlled (perhaps with a twist for manual control )
  13. Not at all, you have to move the right way. You would need to be slow like a snail, so the motion dedector doesnt trigger
  14. so you're saying the mounted defense turrets could be easily bypassed by slow moving SCP's (like 106 and 096 )
  15. ACCEPTED, this application is now closed.
  16. You have a point there. There needs to be a way to trick them out. Maybe they cant dedect you if you're moving slowly enough so you can sneak past them with some skills, time and luck
  17. I still think that the idea of an object, that will never get bored of stationing an tight corridor is just frustrating, and unfun, but that's my opinion.
  18. I would say the turrets are on a closed network, which would mean that 079 cant do anything with them. Maybe turn the power of them of, not more
  19. Name: Rika The Raccoon#2164 (My name in the server is Potato for some reason) Age: 16 Applying For: Discord Staff Details (Why do you think you deserve the rank)(150-word Minimum): I think I deserve the rank because i don't think im hated by the members of the server, so most of the members would respect me (even though some people would jokingly not respect a raccoon / potato) I'am also most of the time online, I always have discord open on my second monitor and most of the time I have them on active chats, so if it would happen that there’s an active chat in Affray’s discord server, I would likely switch it to that chat, even when I'm working I sometimes read through the Affray Discord messages. (I Don't generaly talk that often but i'am most of the time reading they're conversations, but when i talk i mostly joke around , or try to help people by answering they’re questions the best i can myself) I also heard you where searching for people living in the EU, and i happen to live there, in the Netherlands to be exact, and because pandemic would be releasing soon, it would (hopefully) attrac more people , and i would like to help monitor the server when that would happen. And if i would be accepted as a staff , I would certainly spend even more time in the discord, may it be helping others or just monitoring the chat. Past Staff Experiences: none How long have you been apart of Affray's Studio's community: Almost a whole year Have you read and understand all Discord Rules: Yes. Do you swear to abide by them: I swear to abide both Affray's and Discord's rules Do you have a mic: Yes. Define what a troll/minge is: A group or a single person trying to make people angry, or annoy them for the sake of they're own pleasure. How would you deal with them: depends on what they're doing. I would first warn them, if they would continue i would mute them. If they would continue after this , a longer mute. (or if they are doing something very bad, like spamming pictures of animal abuse etc, kick and or ban them) Have you ever been warned/kicked/muted/banned: No. If yes, why: Do you swear to follow the orders of you respected higher-ups: I swear to follow the orders of the higher-ups. Do you promise to avoid causing drama: I promise to not cause / avoid to make any drama in the server
  20. It's better to leave them to automatic AI turrets personally i'm against 079 being in the game as i said Half life 1 is a good example of why automatic turrets can be fun yet scary experiences you could technically run past them but may get stricken by a few bullets anyways i think Auto turrets that can be remotely controlled via specific station would be neat but 079 is actually one of the few SCP's i'd hate to have in a game The main reason being its hard enough trying to escape 20 OP SCP's that can instakill and are near invincible without some asshole locking down the doors and activating turrets to kill you whilst running away (plus i feel as though 079 is the epitome of Co operative SCP's the one thing Ascension doesn't want)
  21. They would be neat, but it would be another feature that would motivate players to campling, because they can just hold 1 choke for hour straight and even if turret get's destroyed then can just switch to other one, or just then go manually.
  22. Xenomorphian


    I'm pretty sure thats why they added an XP system that allows you to get cooler weapons and gear and ETC ETC perks are a little neat but really it could get kinda annoying since well it does add a random factor the game's already hard enough with OP SCP's running about and a whole squad of guards and MTF units trying to kill you and even if you aren't D class a GOI or SCP's are still very tough obstacles to overcome without and perk stuff in the game nothing really needs to be improved and blackout won't be repetitive since every round they mix things up
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