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  2. R4smR


    If you blinded everyone in a room with a flashlight and 173 just suddenly came you could find yourself easily in a pickle.
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  4. Ashirg

    Vault's Daily Song

    Why is there so many beach boys at the beginning?
  5. Ashirg

    First, and welcome!

    Still hyped bout this project
  6. Ashirg

    MTF Operator Updated

    His thoughts: "Dam, we need to make this quick, i REALY need to take a piss"
  7. Ashirg


    Boi, this looks so DAM FINE
  8. Jester

    MTF Operator Updated 2

    © 2018 Affray Studios LLC

  9. Jester


    © 2018 Affray Studios LLC

  10. Jester

    MTF Operator Updated

    © 2018 Affray Studios LLC

  11. Jester


    © 2018 Affray Studios LLC

  12. rikboom


  13. Ashirg


    I agree. But it should not work instantly, so you have a chance to escape before you pick it up if you're reacting fast enough.
  14. Galopus


    Well, let's be honest, no one would take it, cuz not only you need something to get through high security door to get there (prolly), you will need probally to be somehow experienced in game to be able to go there. And if you are experienced you won't be stupid enough to go there. Making 035 as just AI, that will pop around blood thingies or just posses some lad, or even spawn somewhere random at map, and making them pick up the mask when they are close enough (man this will be annoying as fuck), would probally work fine
  15. Bounty Hunter

    Transport Hall - The looks

    wow i cant wait to play rthis game! IT LOKS sO gOod
  16. rikboom


    I think 035 should be just an object that can be taken by D-class or unknowing researcher (you'd need to know the lore not) effectivly making them an SCP, while the MTF has to arrive at the chamber and block the entrance, either by using a lock or leaving someone to guard it.
  17. rikboom

    Which SCPs are your favorite ones?

    At the moment i'd say... 3000, 093, 1730, 2913 and 105.
  18. rikboom


    There's an entire page dedicated to things like this on the forum, just find it.
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  20. Ashirg


    I dont even want to answer this anymore.
  21. Ashirg

    Talking - Stealth mechanics

    Have you even read the FAQ and such? There will be talking, with three different ranges/volumes. Some SCPs will be able to jump out of the air (from the ceiling and such) and you can kill from behind if you're sneaky enough.
  22. Ashirg

    Text/Voice chat

    I guess its the server owner that decides Since this game will be based on official servers, i guess cross-teaming is forbidden. At least to a specific point.
  23. Ashirg

    About Gamemodes and gameplay & mechanics

    Some of those gamemode-suggestions will be implemented in/be a part of the regular gamemodes: - CI Spies: Inflitration - lost agents on forest: Maybe Recon - Protect the [REDACTED] files: Inflitration About mechanics: There will be gasmasks, if they protect from 008 is unclear. Hazmat-Suits will porbably be implemented (high chance). THe map will be partially destructible, so SCPs will probably be able to break trough. If you have enough knowledge and time, you can make almost ANY of those suggestions in Sandbox.
  24. Ashirg

    early access rewards

    You will get something when donating. Donating will get unavaible some time after the release.
  25. 049-2 doesnt have the tools to do so.
  26. Ashirg

    Scp Animations

    682 will probably be fully animated, becuase it will be an major SCP that will be the only target of a hole mission.
  27. Rotarion

    Make 049-2 instaces on kill by 049-2(Zombie hordes)

    Maybe 049-2 can turn fallen enemies into 049-2 because as far as I understand the lore 049-2 occurs when 049 works his wonky stuff with all that stuff and 049 "commands" 049-2 maybe 049 can "teach" 049-2 how to make his weird turning process
  28. 32plus1

    Ban appeal (Shlaknautica)

    DENIED - zzy (Head Admin)
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