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Welcome to our site, this is where you can find information on SCP: Ascension - or anything else related to our studio.

Want to get in contact with us? Shoot us an email at contact@affraystudios.com

SCP: Ascension

Within a brutal and unforgiving world, you play as those trying to sustain life and the balance of our reality - or simply one of those trying to survive the ever-lasting chaos.

Fight together or die in the dark.

Planned Gamemodes
Pandemic • Blackout • Sandbox • Infiltration • Recon • Story Campaign


Play as a fireteam within a site-wide biological breach of Area 12, a facility located in West Virginia. You must secure facility power and gain access to new areas whilst recovering all the information you can - attempting to do so will require you to coerce your team through the infected. Who knows what secrets lay beneath in this nightmarish scenario? Find out on our anticipated release in mid-late 2019 for completely free!

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      Everything here is subject to additional questions, removal, or edits.
      Last edited May 9th, 2019. 

       What is "SCP"? 

      A: SCP stands for "Special Containment Procedures", as you can find
      here. It is a creative wiki based on writing stories/documentation on anomalous objects. I recommend you check it out yourself if you're interested! And yes, it's "Special Containment Procedures", not "Secure. Contain. Protect.", you can check here under "Bonus Answers".
      Q: What does the name "SCP: Ascension" come from?

      A: We are writing and developing a story timeline called Project Ascension, a term The Foundation themselves use in reference to a series of operations they execute for [REDACTED] (don't wanna spoil it 😉 - we decided to name the overall game after it due to how significant it really is for the game. It ties hand-in-hand with Project Resurrection, a set of tales within the SCP Wiki.

      breaker2.thumb.png.832d96fe506b682a301cdb61ca0791bb.pngQ: How long as SCP: Ascension (SCP:A) been in development?

      A: We originally started development in October 2017, with most of our ideas being extremely rough and unpractical. We started a Kickstarter in January 2018 to get some starter fund for the project, so we were able to get some needed licenses, assets, middleware, and alike so we could start prototyping ideas. 

      Around October 2018 (convenient timing) is when we decided to reform all of our plans and overall development pipeline. We kept a lot of our 3D assets but tossed all the old programming. This, in turn, has made development a lot more practical, as we modularize both our new 3D assets and programming for easy expansions/mod support in the future.  Although, as of Feb 2019, the current development is only a couple of months old.

      Please also consider a lot of our work is part-time, as a majority of us have our own careers, education, and lives to deal with in the process of the development of SCP:A, until we are able to get the project to a funded state, where we will be able to work on the game a lot more. We are more than willing to see this project come to fruition, there is just a lot on our plates. 🙂

      Q: Will ____ be added to ____?

      A: We will not generally answer this on the spot. If you feel as if you have a cool idea we haven't discussed, make a
      Q: What site is SCP:A based around?

      Area 14.
      Q: Will SCP:A be multiplayer?

      A: Yes, all gamemodes planned will be multiplayer with A.I. server/gameplay options.

      Q: Why are you guys not using the original 173 design?

      A: The main reason, is 173's design has its own copyright, where the original creator is very hard to get in contact, and generally not willing to let you use his design. So, we decided to make our own 173, since the original is boring, anyway.

      We decided to make him completely unique in our game, having 4 arms, being animated rather than a stiff statue, and having different behaviors for killing, stalking, and what we are calling his "rage state". Giving him our own lore will add more balance and depth to the game, and in the process allowing us to monetize the game without any worry. It's a win-win.

      There are ways of using the original 173 commercially, but once we discovered it, we were already too in love with our own idea to swap back. The original 173 is very, very boring.

      Q: How much will the game cost?

      A: The game will be $19.99 w/ regional pricing once we release Blackout. We will also be selling our story campaign separately as a DLC for $19.99 by itself, as well.

      $20 - Main game, base gamemodes and mod support.
      $20 - (requires base game) Project Ascension campaign
      $0 (free) - Pandemic game demo, a prologue event to Project Ascension, will also be improved and added to the Main Game, as well.

      We also intend to make a completely optional subscription under Affray as a whole, where you can get perks, cosmetics, and alike in all games we make. We intend for it to charge every 3 months, but will ultimately want this to ensure we can cover ongoing server costs and alike. This, again, will have benefits to all plausible titles under Affray Studios.

      Q: When will _____ be released?

      A: When it's ready. All rough timeframes we give are what we expect, generally not confirmed dates. 

      Q: Where will the game be released?

      A: The Discord Store first, amongst other stores as we see fit throughout the future. We also plan to sell keys straight from https://scpascension.com and this site early-on. 
      Q: Will there be updates post-release?

      A: Yes. Bug fixes and content updates. We will also make sure our content is stable before we branch it off.

      Q: What engine do you use?

      A: Our game engine is
      Unreal Engine 4.
      Q: What gamemodes do you plan on implementing?

      A: We have a lovely list of our plans
      Q: Will the game will be first or third person?

      A: Both will be utilized for their own purposes/as server options. But, we will ultimately be a first-person game.

      Q: Will I be able to play with other people who bought it in different stores and platforms? 

      A: Yes! We will always ensure our game is cross-platform/store - we will be utilizing Epic Online Services for this.breaker2.thumb.png.832d96fe506b682a301cdb61ca0791bb.png
      Q: What is SCP: Ascension going to be licensed under?

      A: Content relating to the SCP Foundation, including the original SCP Foundation logo, is licensed under Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0 - the base concept originates from http://www.scp-wiki.net/ and its authors. SCP: Ascension, being derived from this content, is hereby released under Creative Commons ShareAlike 4.0. The source code of Unreal Engine 4, Easy Anti-Cheat, and Epic Online Services, and all other third party software are the properties of their respective owners and not released under CC-BY SA. In addition, certain third-party and first-party assets are the properties of their creators and not released under CC-BY SA. A full list of these assets may be found in the game's credits & attributions from the main menu.

      SCP: Ascension also includes third-party trademarks and content for gear, equipment, and firearms with permission of the respective owners for their use within Affray Studios' titles.
      Q: Which platform are you most likely to stick with?

      A: PC, ultimately. We may be able to expand to consoles if we can do well and grow substantially, but it is by no means a priority. In terms of PC stores, we are very happy to release on Discord Store and Epic Games Store early-on. We will also be selling keys straight from our website via Xsolla if you want more money to go to us!

      Humble Bundle & Xsolla - We get 90% (5% to the stores, 5% to Unreal)
      Epic Games Store -  We get 88% (12% to Epic, owners of Unreal; engine fee is voided)
      Discord - We get 85% (10% to Discord, 5% to Unreal)
      Steam & Consoles - We get 65% (30% goes to the stores, 5% to Unreal)

      Needless to say, getting our game(s) on the newer PC storefronts is very, very beneficial to us! 🙂

      Q: Is Ascension gonna come out?


       Well Yes But Actually No Yes No GIF - WellYesButActuallyNo WellYes No GIFs

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