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This is from tsuji:

Well... my side of the story started back during September, 2012
It was the day that Markiplier had released is first video on SCP Containment Breach
at the time I wanted to be a writer as to get all of these thoughts and ideas out of my head
but I became obsessed with multiple endings leading me to want to create a choose your own adventure book
but ended up realizing that books could not contain the sheer mass of ideas I had
when I saw containment breach it had given me a new goal to become a video game developer
as video games had the capacity to show all the ideas I had
since then I went through various stages learning how to develop and how game development usually goes blah blah blah
skip six years and I had grown a bit into a type of slump
err... 5 years actually
around May, 2017
I had not gotten any further than the day that I decided I wanted to be a game developer
despite having all this knowledge on game development and programming I had not once created a single program
I had decided on a whim to re-download GMod despite having a crappy computer and saw on the server list a new gamemode called "Breach" with the SCP logo on it
you could imagine my excitement
I played for about 2 days and then decided to join their staff team despite them stating you needed at least a week
when they accepted the first thing I said was a really cringy "I know how to program and all that, I promise I won't hack you"
(cringy because I was honestly worried with how much hype I was giving myself that they might be worried about me hacking them)
after an additional day I decided to do some GMod development
I learned the entirety of Lua within 30 minutes and then created my first public program by the end of the day
The program added SCP-1025 to the Breach server
The way I programmed it allowed for the entire server to have a buff/debuff system without ruining any other code as it was completely self contained
due to that one script I caused the entire server to shoot up to the top 10 (or 3, can't remember much)
The amount of praise of course boosted my ego and allowed me to think that this was my new start to finally become a video game developer
3 months later the server had gone through two major fallouts
the first being a dispute between the head admin of our Breach server and the co-owner of the entire community
(the reason for the dispute I later found out was because they were both too prideful to say that they were wrong, ironically they both were in the wrong too)
the second fallout was of my own doing
Me and another user @AvergaeDrink had decided that the server had become way too cancerous and no longer fun
He had decided to make a new GMod community called UndergroundGaming
eh... skipping over a few details something pretty fucking miraculous happened
right before I left a new server had started up in that community that I was in
that server was SCPRP
and was created by Jester himself
the entire community had loved the breach gamemode so much that they had immediately started trying to make him fail
the result made him realize that the community was pretty shitty
at which point Average messaged him
here's the point that was amazing
While he talked to Average he told average about a game that he wanted to make
and Average said "I know someone with the same exact idea" and introduced us
Me and Jester had the same exact ideas, same exact likes and dislikes about the game, but had opposite abilities regarding game development
whilst I could handle backend development he could handle the frontend
it ended up with us deciding that it was pretty much destined for us to make this game considering the absolute improbability of us meeting
So, we started making this game
that's the end of the story for now


Credits: me

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