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My Idea:
Adding that sometimes it get's much darker in the facility or certain rooms are darker, so it's harder to see and scp-173 could move freely even when someone is looking at them (that might be too op, I dunno, but if you have nightvision goggles and looking at peanut he can't move)
Then MTF & Chaos, (whist you could find nightvision goggles like keycards but a bit more rare) Could have them on and have a slight advantage

How it can/would serve a purpose
I think it would be a bit more realistic and way cooler if it would be done, it would be giving some people (classes) an advantage, and some others disadvantage

Why I think it should be done

If you think of a containment breach, which means that some power went off or something in that style that opened a door, I think that light should not be able to stay on 100% 24/7
thinking as the facility is huge and it drains a lot of power on just light , if theres a small problem I don't think that it should be able to



How it can be done
Well, just make the rooms a big darker / or the facility for maybe 1-2min

And making night vision goggles
(I know the pictures are from other games but it's just for inspiration)


Relevant images/concepts



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Reminder that Night vision is blinding in bright rooms, so I think it would be intresting if you could blind people with flashlight or just activating light in really dark room, and blinding them for x amount of time after they disable night vision

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If you blinded everyone in a room with a flashlight and 173 just suddenly came you could find yourself easily in a pickle.

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