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Suggestion: Suppressors

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My Idea

Making weapons that have a suppressor have increased accuracy and range.

How it can/would serve a purpose

Realism mainly, aside from the fact that the games that make suppressors lower the damage output annoy me and I'd like a realistic game to actually be realistic. Doubtlessly other people feel the same, I'd imagine.

Why I think it should be done
Because in real life, suppressors don't slow down bullets or make them deal less damage like some games would lead you to believe. They're barrel extensions, they help with accuracy while also quieting the rounds. They're not perfect either, you can still hear the gun fire (albeit a bit quieter) and in enclosed spaces can still echo down halls.


How it can be done

When a weapon has a suppressor, there is no damage decrease. There'd also be an accuracy increase and a quieter gunshot.

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It would be very cool to see suppressors in-game, but the reason most games add a decrease in damage is to balance it. Otherwise there would be no reason not to use a suppressor.

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Yeah, though it doesn't offer the hidden muzzle flash of a flash hider or as much stability as an extended barrel. The game aims to balance it a unique way that leans more towards realism. 

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