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My Idea

Add More Exits to the Map

How it can/would serve a purpose
It would add more varied means of escaping the facility. A Helicopter Route, Ventilation Shaft, etc. I'm presuming the facility map will be much larger than SCP: CB or SCP Secret Laboratory, and much more complex, so here's some ideas:

  • More Gates (Gate A, B, C, D, E, Etc)
  • SCP-1021
  • SCP-120
  • Escape Route Through the Ventilation Shafts
  • Spaceship Escape
  • Evacuation Shelter Escape
  • Sewer Escape
  • Maintenance Tunnel Escape

I'm sure you can think up many more. Of course, all of these require you to reach the top floor first as well as do all sorts of dangerous things. Perhaps SCP-005 is required for some of these?

Why I think it should be done
Adding more Escape Routes would add another layer of in-depth-ness to an already complex game. It makes sense that there would be as many escape routes as possible, right? The SCP Foundation would OBVIOUSLY include as many as possible. It would also give more incentive to head to the Sewer System, Maintenance Tunnels, and things that might otherwise be neglected by the players.


How it can be done

The Extra Gates are easy enough. Just more gates dotted around the large upper-layers of the facility. Not just Gates A and B, but C, D, E, and so on.

SCP-1021 basically counts as escaping the facility. I'm presuming we have an 'escape' mechanic here, by the way. See, it would be very hard to access... Perhaps the way would be blocked off by debris, forcing you to travel a dangerous path. Maybe it can just be tucked away in a random location, simply hard to find rather than difficult to find.

SCP-120 would be located in it's chamber in the top layer of the facility, as an easy escape route with a chance of death. Either it transports you to the Sahara, the Pacific, or elsewhere, or into space, where you die. A risk. Cool.

Escaping through the ventilation shafts would be, of course, difficult. Very difficult. The Ventilation Shafts would be extremely dangerous, as SCPs could easily head through there and destroy you. The end of the shafts where you escape is extremely hard to find, and will take much resources and time to crawl through the cramped shafts to get there, meaning extensive preparation is necessary to escape this way. But the real danger comes from the SCPs, which can crawl faster and require almost no resources to navigate the shafts. SCP-058 can easily own this area with his size and speed, and either SCP-079 (presuming he will be added, please do) or another enemy with access to high-level computers could flood parts of the shafts with poison gas or shut them down entirely with skill. I'm thinking of a scenario of a D-Class going for this escape route and SCP-058 rounding the corner to obliterate them as well as make them shit their pants.

I'm not sure on the spaceship escape. I recall that Lunar Area 32 is going to be added, and so I thought, 'hey, why not be able to escape with a Lunar Ascent Vehicle'? It will be an awesome way to evacuate the Lunar Base.  You can come up with something, I'm sure.

I'm not sure on the Evacuation Shelter escape path. Seems too... easy.

The sewers? Oh, boy. I always loved the idea of a Foundation Sewer System being added. One of the lowest levels of the Facility, very hard to access, and in and of itself is dangerous. It's usually flooded with SCP-009 and other non-playable SCPs/environmental hazards, SCP-682 and other SCPs can lurk and thrive here with the system having dark, foreboding, shadowy, and slimy environments, not to mention having perfect hiding spots for SCP-682 and other horrifying abominations. You can probably get out here, finding a path that deposits you into a nearby lake.

The Maintenance Tunnels have to be added, obviously. I hope they don't get neglected, they seem like the perfect spot for several SCPs, like SCP-049 to lurk, awaiting a foolish D-Class to stumble into the dark tunnels in an attempt to escape. The challenge here is the extreme complexity of the tunnels, with there being several layers accessed by Elevators/Elevator Shafts (I love the idea of being forced to climb up Elevator Shafts) and, of course, environmental dangers. A flood of SCP-009, an outbreak of SCP-008, a gas leak, a collapsed ceiling... And, of course, the playable SCPs themselves which would undoubtedly lurk here. Perhaps Maintenance Workers can spawn here. They would have an easy way out, just guarded by tons of dangers, listed above. I always liked the idea of Maintenance Workers being playables.


All Escape Routes would be very hard to escape from, as they should, either requiring extensive preparation, only being accessible on the top/bottom layers, long and maze-like, full of roaming SCPs and Environmental Hazards, and so on. Obviously.


Relevant images/concepts

(Sewer Systems. Speaking of which, an SCP-035 infection could be very cool.)


(Maintenance Tunnel Pic #1.)


(Maintenance Tunnel Pic #2.)


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Hello, I would like to say something. If this game is based on SCP Foundation, that i read it is based alot, There is ARI (Automated Response Initiatives), and they are used in case of breach. And there is problem with idea of sewer/ventilation systems. Its named GRAY-17 I will quote:  GRAY-17 has control over the closure/lockdown of all door, utility and ventilation system, and in direct connection with the O4 system for maximum response time. GRAY-17 can be authorised on any grade higher than Class-E, and will automatically close select units, compounds and sites to varying intensities dependant on the Lockdown Degree, including site gates, sewage systems, power lines, radio connection and issue Protocol 15-A on all data banks, causing most to enter deep-storage. GRAY-17 is effective due to the rate at which it can respond to a breach, and is one of the most essential response initiatives for any site. So There is problem with it. But its cool idea!

Here is link if you want to fully read. : http://www.scp-wiki.net/lockdown-procedures


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