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My Idea: Add SCP-354

How it can/would serve a purpose: I think it would serve a purpose by adding more depth to the universe of the game. Adding a completely different area would add a lot to the story and the multiplayer. 

Why I think it should be done: I think it should be done because it has a lot of RP, and story possibilities. http://www.scp-wiki.net/exploratory-mission-354-alpha Looking at the exploratory log, you can see that going into, and emerging out of this SCP, takes you to another plane of existence. This could be great for serious RPs, and it could be a completely different part of the story, or it could be connected in some way. 


How it can be done: Not entirely sure how you’d make area-354 completely seperate from everything else. You would also have to make 354 a portal that takes you to that other plane when you emerge from it. 


Relevant images/concepts:






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