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Self Promotion

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Self-promotion is often a useful thing to do if done right and respectfully. It can potentially get more eyes on you and can, more importantly, get more people willing to support you. Here are our ground rules for self-promotion. If you are a bigger creator/game dev, you can contact management/studio and consider becoming a partner with us, we have a channel specifically allocated to our community partners.

  • Where you can do it

We have a new Discord channel called #self-promo - You are allowed to post links to your own Discord server, social media, etc. We hold the right to delete anything inappropriate and even chatting within the channel. When posting be sure to follow our rules listed in #welcome-rules and follow Discord Terms of Service. If you do not do it in an appropriate channel, we will remove the message and warn you unless your actions worsen - at this point you may get server muted. 


  • Be respectful

Don't spam your links, make a short and detailed post about who you are, what you do, and what you want to accomplish with what you are promoting. We have no issue with deleting your message, warning, kicking, and/or banning you if your advertising becomes malicious. (Applies to below, as well.) MASS INVITING VIA DIRECT MESSAGES IS A BANNABLE OFFENSE.


  • Nothing controversial

It should come as a given that we are a development/gaming community. We do not want any self-promotion to anything regarding politics, sexuality, dating, etc. Anything that falls under this category will be deleted on sight.


  • Proper grammar

Let's be real, no one wants to check out your stuff if you can't even wipe yourself.

Specific details

Discord Invite 

  1. What is this server for
  2. What the community is based on
  3. Why should members join
  4. A little bit about your following/community


  1. A hook/something interesting
  2. What the video is specifically about (optional)


  1. Your page description
  2. What you do/create on the page(s)
  3. A little bit about your following/community


  1. Game description
  2. Following/interest (optional)

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