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Devblog #2 - "Notion"

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Devblog 1.5: Notion

Development is well and alive, with progress only proving to be more significant and consistent. As most of our time has been kept out of the public eye, a lot has been happening and will only progress to a solid stage for what we will consider "V0.1.0.0". We are truly happy with the resources and people we have within our team to truly step to the game we want to deliver. This will only get better as time progresses and when we get a more feasible income for the studio.


The main thing we have been working on in the last few days, have been concepts for our game. We recently have had two talented concept artists join our team to truly add vanity within our development. Here are two examples of what we plan on making, including our 173 alternative (SCP-173-B) and our security department & RCF.

Made by bathroomtile

Made by Metabolic

We also have concepts for specific room/hall designs, but we aren't going to show them off as of now, so here is an update to 939's Containment Cell (view from the overwatch).

Made by Pyrew & Albarnie

SCP Models

Ah yes, the juicy stuff you are here for. We have been heavy at work on making some detailed, optimized, and sexy SCP models for you guys to scream at when you encounter them. SCP-940 is a parasite that can infect you similar to a bloodborne pathogen, once it infects you, a spider-like creature grown in your center mass until it spreads its legs out, killing you and taking control of you as a host.



Made by bathroomtile

The one other thing we are going to show off today is SCP-106 (Scranton), we will soon develop a corroded labcoat for him to wear from his past career before he got f#%@ed up in SCP-3001


Made by bathroomtile

I would like to give a warm welcome to our new developers on the team, as well as our active OG ones.
They have contributed a lot in their time with us thus far and dedication should never go unnoticed.

New developers
bathroomtile (Concept Artist & Modeler)
Metabolic (Concept Artist)
Apocryphos (3D Artist & Animator)
Ser Nerd The Third (3D Artist)
Pyfer (Head Voice Actor)

OG developers
Tsujimoto (Lead Pain In The Ass Developer)
Pyrew (Head 3D Artist)
Albarnie (3D Artist)
Bladekyle (Head Programmer)
Coolz (Music Composer & Voice Actor)
FireFox (Music Composer)
Vizlox (Head Concept Artist)
Verbose Bot (Programmer)
Galopus (Concept Artist)

Signing off, 
Affray Studios

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