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Planned Feature List

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Features planned for SCP: Ascension


  • Discord Rich Presence
  • Steam workshop integration for the "Sandbox" gamemode, this, of course, will be further down the line.
  • Map editor/builder - as the base of it, is already done, we will not be releasing it until Sandbox is ready.
  • Gamesparks backend service (handles a good chunk of server needs)
  • Steamworks (literally what we know and love for joining friends on Steam and alike)
  • Steam trading cards, backgrounds, and emotes for once we get into a certain "verification" level within the Steam partner program.
  • Steam workshop integration for the "Sandbox" 

Base Human Mechanics

  • Gas masks for hazardous gasses and fires
  • Footprints (stepping in various things will make you leave tracks, such as blood and sand)
  • Armor simulation 
  • Melee combat (not just simple punching)
  • Coughing/suffocation
  • Bleeding
  • Medical item usage
  • Full body injury simulation (in the future)
  • Voice acting (your character won't be mute)
  • Full-body awareness (freelooking)


  • Bullet projectiles (drop, ricochet, etc.)
  • Firing modes per weapon (burst, auto, semi-auto)
  • Satisfying kickback
  • Leaning (as seen in many other tactical shooters) 
  • Gun holstering/slinging (weapons will show on your body)
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Will there be a fallout 1/2 system in where you have two hotkeys that you can swap out easily and a separate inventory?

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Can you add something like if you reload your gun, your magazine will drop and you can pick it up. When you will find some ammo box with ammo, you could reload that magazine


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