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My Idea: add SCP-860

How it can/would serve a purpose: It would serve a purpose by allowing various exploration log-RP situations to be done with D-class personnel, either in the story (if D-class story modes will be added) (or in multiplayer-RP)

Why I think it should be done: i think it should be done because adding SCPs that allow you to go to different planes or dimensions are extremely interesting to be played out and for the most part are hardly seen in the few scp games we have, and when they are, they are not detailed.


How it can be done: it can be done by adding a vault with a small wooden box with a key inside. that key will create a plane when it is put into any door with a lock. there will also have to be a forest with a blue-colored mist (SCP-860-1), and in this forest there is a creature that has tried to, and succeeded to prey on multiple D-class during exploration logs I-IV


Relevant images/concepts: 




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