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Add Lockdown Procedures

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So let´s get right into it!

My Idea

Add Lockdown Procedures

How it can/would serve a purpose

  When you will play as Human or SCP, you wanted to escape/go trough vents/sewers, right? This will make it way harder, because of some Lockdown Procedures.

Why i think it should be done

Because in real life, there would be Lockdown procedures that will activate when SCP / Class D riot / Groups of Interests / etc. or will be activated by intensity grade of breach/ riot and so on.

How it can be done

I know, vents and sewers... Why they would have some Lockdown Procedures? There is easy answer.

Blackout gamemode Scenario: At the start of the round, the Gray-17 "Closing Time" activation will close gates / sewers / ventilation systems and can only be deactivated by MTF members or by destroying the Gray-17 control module (for SCP). That will cause opening of all sewers/ vents / gate etc.

  More information about Lockdown Procedures/Automated Response Initiatives (like Gray-17) are here on this link: http://www.scp-wiki.net/lockdown-procedures

Thank you for taking the time and reading it to the end.                    ?

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Just changing in bit.

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