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My Idea

Ceiling turrets


How it can/would serve a purpose

A facility that contains dangerous SCPS needs security systems


Why I think it should be done

It would be very useful and fun in the blackout mode


How it can be done

These turrets are located at various points in the structure and can be activated and used only after the Breach from the security room or in a specific room (for example in a control room near the security room) with a certain level of security (for example from the Tactical Response Unit )


An announcement will be heard when the turrets are activated

- SCP 79 (if it will be implemented)  can take control of these defensive systems that will shoot at any human / spcs

  • The turrets can get back under control by restoring systems from a terminal inside the security/control room (This takes a couple of minutes )

 - They can be disabled (temporarily) via EMP

 - can be controlled manually  or automatically

  • In automatic mode they will shoot anyone (D-Class, SPCS, Chaos, ecc) except foundation staff ( Scientists, security guards, MTF, ecc)
  • If a Class D disguises himself as a scientist / guard he will not be shooted


Relevant images/concepts




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