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Patron/Backer FAQ

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Updated for 2019

When will private testing begin?

A: We are hoping to send out keys sometime in late early/mid 2019.
Q: What all can I do with a custom character? [No longer available from here on out]

In the story, you will be able to have a background character to fill the void of us not putting much detail into background characters. This also allows the chance for donators to have a small character that resembles themselves; two birds with one stone.
Q: What info do I need to give?

A: Make sure we have your Discord ID/email so we can contact you when we roll out the rewards.
Q: Will I be getting my pin from my Kickstarter pledge? (Kickstarter Backer FAQ only) [Pins/merch not currently offered]

A: Pins were canceled for a logistical issue with a future replacement of merch in the future that will generally be worth more than the pins themselves. We are just waiting to a point of financial stability within the project to do said replacement. 
Q: What is the extent of a "custom office"?

A: You will be able to have a custom nametag, some decoration, and so on in your office. It has to look like an ordinary office, just customized to what you wish within copyright and our guidelines (TL;DR no nudity, cruel depictions, and so on). - Posters, some small nic nacs, room layout, etc. Each additional months of support will add additional "prop slots" if you chose to add more. 
Q: Do I have to keep donating monthly to get the perks?

A: No. Your perks will be based on the total you donated. So, let's say you paid 10 dollars/mo for 5 months, you can get the $50 tier once you send an inquiry to us (just an example).
Q: If I donated in the past, can I transfer my donation to an updated tier?

A: Yes, you can! We will not allow for newer donations to go into older tiers, though. We will only allow patrons to update their older tiers into newer ones if they are unredeemed.
Q: When will I actually get my perks?

A: We plan on implementing perks from pledges in 2019, but just keep in mind the actual goal for this is "when we are ready to". Don't worry, it will happen, it will just take some time. Development is a long and laborious process. ❤️
Q: Do you plan on having donations forever?

A: No. We plan on removing perks/overall donations hopefully soon since we are heading into being fully funded by investors we have been coordinating with within the following months. Don't worry, we won't forget about you guys. ❤️breaker2.thumb.png.3a9675ea9c3ffd57955f6918f766bf6b.png
Q: Will there be in-game backer/patron badges?

A: Of course!

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