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SCP-3001 Canon Explaination

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Hello there, after people got wind that our project is choosing the Until Death canon for 106, we've gotten a lot of questions is to how it makes sense with 106's wiki page.

A lot of my ideas are inspired by personalities in Breaking Bad and Dexter (Mainly the Trinity Killer and Walter White).


Q: How can the 3001/UD canon make sense when they make 106 have love when he's supposed to be pure evil?

A: To put it short, he was in an empty void for a very... very long time. He was craving love the entire time, even through his psychotic development. His "moment of love" with Anna Lang was just a moment where he was finally able to fulfill his craving pre-insanity. You can see this as "the moment he truly loses what he was" per se. I mean, he literally becomes friends with a red light on his recording device.

A lot of his actions can be him trying to push his own pain onto others.


Q: How come his victims on his wiki are listed from 10-25 if there is no explanation of it in 3001/UD?

A: The way I see it, it can just be the victims they've recorded in a range, so it can be an utter coincidence that most of those victims are in that age range. Although, I believe that he can be trying to recreate his first victim, a young guard.


Q: Why would he be sensitive to light under the UD/3001 canon?

A: Well, he is always contained in a dark box, was in a dark dimension for well over a year (or more), and so on. I get blinded by my light when I wake up from just half a day... Where 106 has spent years in dark places.

Additional notes:
3001 definitely explains where the Pocket Dimension came from, just saying.


So uh, hope you enjoyed my ideas/explanation for the 3001/Until Death canon of 106. Let me know if you have objections, additional ideas, or are curious of shit I forgot.


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On 10/6/2018 at 4:05 AM, Jester said:

I get blinded by my light when I wake up from just half a day... 

Jester you should really go outside more often. However I feel like you do need a bit more explanation about the age range but other than that it makes sense.

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