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Settings in-game

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I want to tell what kind of settings will be for game because I know one of you want to ask about it. I dont guarantee that everything will be in-game, but this is my opinion what I want to see in game. We wont make poor setings as in SCP:SL (dont kill me please xd)
Lets start.

Settings for graphics:
● Texture - Low to Epic
● Models - Low to Epic
● Anti-aliasing - Off, FXAA, TemporalAA, MSAA
● Shadows - Off, Low to Epic (we dont know about to change shadow resolution manually)
● View Distance:
a) Everyone need to have the same distance because balance
b) If we have it, maybe we will have Medium to Far
● Post Processing - Off, Low to Epic
● Effects - Low to Epic
● Motion Blur - Off, On (Motion Blur will be off by default because everyone hate it)
● Resolution 3D Scale - ~80% to 200% (we can make lower, but we will see about that feature)
● Texture Fillter - Low to Epic
● Brightness - something familiar from Outlast
● Color management - if you see different colors, this option is for you!
● Tesselation - Off, On (will be off by default)

Settings for gameplay:
● Scale for text chat
● Customize HUD (color, holosight, scale...)
● Disable and enable some features

Settings for controls:
● Customize controls for keyboard
● Controller supporter (Xbox, PS4)
● Sensitivity with boost
● Other stuff

Settings for audio:
● Quality - Low to High
● Change volume for music, voice chat, vfx. Also will have master volume changer.
● Microphone, speaker output changer

I hope that everything will be in-game, but know that something can be or not.

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