Should SCP-2124 be implemented?  

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  1. 1. Should SCP-2124 be implemented?

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My Idea: Implement SCP-2124

Hello there

After some brainstorming, we (a friend and i) came up with the idea to implement SCP-2124, the Conceptual Knife.

How it can/would serve a purpose

Locked in People could get another SCP-Weapon like this. The knife isnt THAT strong but it would be nice to have it, especially if you dont have any other weapon.

Why I think it should be done

It would just be funny if you try to kill an unarmored D-Class, just to find out he has this knife.

How it can be done

Add the pizza box at a room (its chamber). If someone finds his/her way to it and is able to open the door, he/she can get such a knife.
The knife is not visible and does slightly more damage then a regular knife.

Relevant images/concepts



Its still just a suggestion, let me know what you think (Poll and comments)



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