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About Gamemodes and gameplay & mechanics


mechanics how players gonna counter scps i mean with objects or their weaknesses and Will there be containing system


Will there be gasmasks to not get affected by scp 008 

biohazard suits near scp 008

when a elevator door is nearly closed will scps be able to break through


Gamemodes :    will there be gamemodes like this

-Protect the [REDACTED] files : there will be CI trying to capture secret documents and guards to protect them

-Rescue the O5 : there will be a person selected to become O5 and mtf (alpha 1 operatives) to protect him they have to succesfully escort the O5 to chopper before and CI/SCPs  get O5

-lost agents on forest : foundition agents have to find blue key and kill the scp 860-1

-Evil forest : players will spawn as foundition agents they have to survive 1 day in scp 899 after that rescue will come

-Staircase : foundition operatives exploring scp 087

-CI Spies : CI will spawn with disguise device 

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Some of those gamemode-suggestions will be implemented in/be a part of the regular gamemodes:

- CI Spies: Inflitration
- lost agents on forest: Maybe Recon
- Protect the [REDACTED] files: Inflitration


About mechanics:

There will be gasmasks, if they protect from 008 is unclear.
Hazmat-Suits will porbably be implemented (high chance).
THe map will be partially destructible, so SCPs will probably be able to break trough.

If you have enough knowledge and time, you can make almost ANY of those suggestions in Sandbox.

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