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SCP List not updated..?


I noticed that the SCP list isn't completely updated - missing certain SCPs that I have seen you work on, such as SCP-106, SCP-966, and possibly a few others that I am forgetting. Any chance you could update the list, and provide a brief summary of what the gameplay will be like for each SCP (i.e. SCP-940 - can you attack as SCP-940, or are you only able to infect; Does SCP-940 infection take time, or is it immediate; Is SCP-940 disguised in the beginning of the round until it is damaged, similar to SCP-939 in GFLClan's Breach gamemode on Gmod; SCP-049 - Does it turn corpses into zombies, or players; If corpses, can SCP-049 revive anhy corpse it finds, or  can it only revive corpses from those it has killed; If players, does it immediately happen when SCP-049 attacks you, or is there a period where both the player and SCP-049 are unable to move; etc)

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This is a good topic Jester needs to update that 2018 list.

According to the SCP foundation website 049 has been involved in experiments involving recently deceased (not killed by 049) animals and subjects so it doesn't need to kill a person himself to convert them

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