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SCP-3359 - The Dry Guy

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Suggestion - SCP-3359 - The Dry Guy - when SCP-3359-1 attacks someone, they are disguised as a researcher for 30 seconds to 1 minute, until it is damaged, or attempts to attack other personnel. Other SCPs are capable of discerning SCP-3359-1 instances from standard personnel, and are unable to attack SCP-3359-1 instances. SCP-3359-1 instances, in researcher form, hold a standard scientist keycard, which can only be dropped when the disguise is over (this can be a way for personnel to tell if someone is an SCP-3359-1 instance or not). In researcher form, it is also capable of picking up and using other items. These items stay in the player's inventory while in dry form, but are unusable unless it is in a researcher disguise. In dry form, an SCP-3359-1 instance's speed is based on how many people are near it - the more people near it, the faster it is, the less people near it, the slower it is.

It could be used in the Recon gamemode while players explore SCP-3359, as an added challenge. It could also be used in Blackout as another SCP, spawned in a pool-like area. 

The reason to add this SCP is because it would prove an interesting challenge towards players, causing them to double-check their teammates and make sure they're safe. 

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