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What is SCP: Ascension?

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scpascensionw.png.bb4df4599de1d946b3531f346159235b.pngFAQ Gamemodes

SCP: Ascension is a multi-gamemode project based on the SCP Wiki. It is intended to be a huge platform for the SCP community in terms of both content and content creation. 

We plan on releasing a mod development kit by late 2019 if all goes to plan, where you can use most engine assets and core blueprints to create mod packs that can be loaded/unloaded into and from the game. You have likely seen some examples of this from games like Squad, ARK, amongts others. You will have access to an Unreal Engine editor to create your own stuff. Will be loads of fun once we head off into it.
We are ensuring our core development is fully modular to ensure limitless possibilities for both us and user creations.

We are starting off our development cycle with our gamemode which is known as Blackout, a big reason we are starting off with it is simply that it's based off a concept people are simply in love with in the SCP communities - a containment breach. We haven't been too awfully impressed with other projects as of late and what they do with the overall concept, so we decided to create what we think should exist - a multiplayer gamemode based heavily on survival, close-quarter tactics/combat, and actual containment for the non-terminatable anomalies. Our take is more serious than most other projects we've seen and we are hoping to showcase our in-depth development soon, for now, you can simply check out our Gallery.

After we finish off the gamemodes, we hope to work on a full-fledged story based on a collection of lore and tales we love from the wiki, we call this project "Project Ascension", which is where our game name came from believe it or not. We plan on this campaign mode to be fully voice acted, motion/facial captured, and so on. And before you fret about an indie company wanting to work on something like this, no worries, we have plenty of cost-effective options to make this happen. We simply just don't want to work on this before the other core modes are done for obvious reasons. We are also partnered up with SCP wiki writers and creators to make this happen when the time comes. If you know the SCP community well, you will see a lot of familiar faces in the credits and in the active works.

As of now, we are working on a demo mode derived from our future Containment series, now known as Pandemic. Pandemic will serve as our primary "foot-in-the-door" gameplay footage and tech demonstration. We plan on this being out in very early 2019 and are very excited to get it out there. We have a lot of big plans for both short-term and the future. 

We also decided to go into mostly untouched territory in comparison to other SCP games - such as Containment, Recon, and Infiltration. We love the idea of going to places outside the facility itself in meaningful ways, as it hasn't really been done or really considered too much within other SCP projects.  We now have a relatively well-sized, talented, and specialized team to make this project happen, and we are happy to do so.

We strive to be Ascension.

Want to support us and our project? Consider donating and/or following our social media. There will be a lot to see throughout our time in the development of this project. 🙂


Donate: (PayPal redirect)

Cheers and happy new years!

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