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Non euclidean geometry

Good idea?  

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My idea: Adding non euclidean geometry

How can it serve a purpose: It would complicate the task of getting out of reality/dimension anomalies.

Why I think it should be done: It would help create an anomalous feeling when reality breaks down.

How can it be done: Firstly this can be applied to SCP-106's pocket dimension and add a lot to it for example, going around the same corner many times adding even more urgency to the situation. Secondly reality warping SCP's could have the ability to expand the space in a room. So for example going around the edges of the room would be faster than going straight through. Also the SCP could then expand hallways so that they are very long or by making them EXTRA THICC. Low hume levels could cause it to happen too.

Relevant images/concepts: Well, these youtube videos summarize perfectly what I mean. 


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Yes! Non-euclidean geometry will be a big part of some Recon missions.

There also may be use in 106's pocket dimension. 

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