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General Rules

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You are expected to follow Discord Terms of Service as well as our own: https://www.affraystudios.com/terms 



No bashing other users and/or heated arguments allowed.

No adult (18+) images or chatting allowed.

No degrading content allowed on the behalf of belief or origin.

No personal information is to be posted or shown without the plaintiff'
s direct and explicit consent.

Cruelty depictions of adolescents and adults (people) are not allowed.

No animal cruelty or gore allowed.


No spamming or flooding the Discord or the forum threads.

No spamming reactions and/or emotes within the server.

Do not message someone directly/mention them without their permission.

Please keep personal drama to restricted (non-public) channels or direct messages.

No impersonating other members or popular figures.

No uploading files outside of images.

No self-promoting unless using the appropriate channels.

No "cults" or raid groups.

No referral links.

No offensive names.


o excessive cursing. If you have to use "f*ck" in every sentence, you need a better vocabulary.

Make sure all commands are used in the #botspam channel.

No defamatory reactions, they will likely be removed.

Try to avoid typing in ALL CAPS.


Don't do something bad because we didn't add it to the rules.


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