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Krevarr's Staff Application

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Name: Krevarr

Age: 14 (turning 15 in 1 month)

Applying for: Discord Staff

Details: I thoroughly believe I am qualified to become a moderator because I am mature, ethical, strict and diligent in my work. I ensure my duties are fulfilled and that justice is served to those who violate regulations. Furthermore, I am respectful and eager to assist and support those within the community of Affray Studios. I am fair in judgement, unbiased, respectful and ensure that communities I moderate remain as a positive environment. Moreover, I want and try to improve myself whenever necessary, and I truthfully acknowledge constructive criticism. I am mindful and diligent of my actions and how they influence myself online and as a person. Additionally, I recognise how crucial judgements of situations are, especially as a moderator, and I ensure I judge them effectively. I understand the regulations of Affray Studios,  the principles of moderation, and how they are crucial to the utmost success as a member of the staff team. (151 words)

Past Staff Experiences:

  • Past founder and owner of a Discord server with over 1,080 members simultaneously and overall 2,200+ members to ever have joined it. I managed regulations, staff, opportunities, partnerships, regulations, development sectors, newspapers (roleplay), campaigns, activity, affairs and much more. This all occurred in 6 months.
  • Several other staff roles in Discord servers in the past - I forgot their names.

Just to add, I am currently a moderator in a Discord server with over 8,000 members.

How long have you been apart of Affray Studio's community: I have been apart of Affray Studio's community since January 1st 2019.

Do you have a microphone: Yes, I do have a microphone.  

Define what a troll/minge is: A troll/minge is an individual whom provokes or offends a person or a group of people (usually through the internet) through their actions - usually for their own enjoyment and amusement.

How would you deal with them: I would request/order the troll to halt their provoking or offensive actions either verbally or by using a warn command depending on the current circumstances of the offence. If they fail to comply following a warning, a temporary server mute or ban would be presented depending on the seriousness of the offence.

Have you ever been warned/kicked/muted/banned: Yes.

If yes, why: I was warned because I changed my Discord avatar (profile picture) to Jester's old one. I also was banned and then unbanned as a joke by Jester.

Do you swear to follow the orders of your respected higher-ups: Yes, I do swear to abide by the orders of my respected superiors.

Do you promise to avoid causing drama: Yes, I do promise to avoid causing drama.

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