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Questions for the devs for SCP Ascension


NOTE: i had made this list before but a shortcut button on my mouse sent me back in time and erased all my text i made so if the list seems a bit weird it's because i'm trying to retype questions i typed before based on memory 

1.How will 939 do it's vocal mimicry as an AI 

2. will SCP 516 the tank SCP be in this game with tanks

3 The NTF picture description thing mentions mechanized suits does this mean Astartes Power armour is going to be in the game?

4. How many playable SCP's are there going to be in Blackout mode?

5. will 079 *NOT* be in the game it was annoying in SL

6. whats the largest battle possible in Blackout mode naturally?

7. will SCP's made for Ascension be in Blackout mode (perhaps after completing a successful Recon mission you unlock that SCP)

8. will there be Aquatic SCP's?

9.to Whomever is reading this how was your day?

10. Will there be 'Helpful' SCPs like that dimension hopping gasmask

11. Could the community at one point in the future potentially suggest Ideas for SCP's in the game

12. Will laser weapons be anywhere near this game?

13. if laser weapons are in this game are laser vehicles also going to be there?

14 How large is the largest SCP in Blackout mode be?

15. will SCP's have night vision since it's been said blackout mode is dark AF

16. will 914 be in Blackout mode?

17. if SCP 049 is playable can it talk since in lore it can (perhaps it could have a voice filter 


Answer my questions if you wish to say Scringo if not

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 Well the multidimensional hopping mask isn't to be used without being careful... when a guy used it and shoot the creatures of that dimension in real life he killed a dozen of random people.

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Ok sorry for tacking this on as a seperate thing but the edit button has disappeared from reality so i cannot add on this other question to the main one

18.Will SCP Ascension feature an ingame Encyclopedia to give info on SCP's (perhaps in recon mode after encountering an SCP you get an entry in the encyclopedia on it)


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