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Game Master Mode

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My Idea

A live edit sandbox gamemode where players play while one person controls the match.

How it can/would serve a purpose

If implemented it could make game experiences 100% different from each match, as this can be helpful with certain player-bases that want more control during matches. Such as players who want a more serious situation, if they want it more relaxed for more on the RP side, or even "groups" for them to have a controlled situation for better practice/training.

Why I think it should be done

Certain games have a Game Director/Zues gamemode, and it allows for more creative and different playstyles. The attraction of players who want a more live control, such as squads/groups who want to play this competitively and realistic to RP groups, will allow a bigger playerbase.


How it can be done

Moduels, events, npc controls, all the way to spawns and equipment (on spawn or on map) can be edited live. As for certain parts of the map, vehicles, and possible players themselfs can be edited for infection/health/ammo and such. As a "gamemaster" can act like a live editor or a moderator. The better comparison would be like Arma 3 Zues mode.

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7 minutes ago, V1NC3NT 501st said:

I would like to assume that the Director would eother be O5, or more interestingly, SCP-079?

Probably SCP-343 ? 

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