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Human hosted SCP's


I have already heard you plan on having SCP that are also human, how will these characters operate? Will they get all the benefits of being a human as well as having whatever SCP inside? Also what will be the downfalls of these anomalies?

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As with all the SCPs it completely depends on the documentation for that SCP. The only Human hosted SCP that we have discussed so far is 940.
SCP-940 players will be attempting to disguise themselves as regular human players and pick off the humans who foolishly go into places where no one will see them disappear. In the event that they are discovered there will also be a "berserk" state which will allow the 940 player to go wild for a short period of time.

Most Human hosted SCPs have two or more forms. In 940's case it would be it's disguised form and exposed form. Disguised plays just like a regular human while exposed includes the extra spider legs which increases mobility, adds more attacks, and allows you to crawl on walls and the like. The purpose of Human hosted SCPs is to brew mistrust amongst human players.

Hopefully this gives you an idea on how it'll work.

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