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Reviving/going down mechanics system

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My Idea

Add a reviving/healing system similar to the one from Friday the 13th aswell as going down/dragging mechanics

How it can/would serve a purpose
It would be, well, less or more realistic and nice

Why I think it should be done

Because it would add an extra 'nice' option to the game, and would be pretty interesting

How it can be done

If for example a partner is shot in the leg or anything else, it wouldn't be an instant death, he would fall to the ground and would only be able to slowly crouch away, if you have a first aid kit ready you would be able to help your partner up. If you were recently shot or somewhat and then bandaged etc. though, you will only be able to slowly move, like a normal human would after being shot in the leg or anything. Also, add an option to drag your comrades away from combat or the SCPs, to a safe spot. Extra addition: Combat medics classes would be good for that purpose.

Relevant images/concepts


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