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D-Class Personnel



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For D Class you have a LOT that you need to accomplish when trying to escape. The first step is making sure that you and the other D Class are able to work together (if you guys can't, you're fucked). The second step is likely to find a keycard of some sort. While the traditional keycard that everyone knows and loves exist it is really only one use and a bit harder to find than in other games. What you need to do is find other personnel and take theirs by persuasion or force. Whilst doing this you must also work together in order to protect yourselves from the SCPs and (eventually) the MTF. Once you have a reliable key card you only need to find a security station. The exits do not need a keycard to open but they are on lockdown during the breach. In order to escape you need to find a security station and lift the lockdown. After that, simply find the exit and you are free as a bird (all of this is simpler said than done).

Foundation personnel are not supposed to escape. The act of doing so results in a more likelihood of death than any other action that isn't running head first into a horde of SCP. Foundation personnel should find shelter as soon as possible instead of trying to escape. If possible we will likely add some way of finding shelter easier as Foundation personnel should know their way around the facility. Most of the time though there will be an obstacle in the way of safety and the staff will have to work together (but constantly split up) in order to make way to safety. One of the personnel should immediately barricade themselves inside a security station as to keep the D Class out as well as give ground control to the other personnel. This also allows that specific personnel to talk with any MTF units outside of the facility (as players playing as MTF will have to approach the facility before they can actually start containing things). The other personnel should listen to the ground control via radios. Even though personnel won't have numbers like the D Class (because they have to split up constantly) they have a bit more of an advantage as they will likely have an easier time knowing where everything in the facility is and ground control would warn about any anomalies (that is if they do their job). 

SCPs however are much harder to explain due to their diversity in tactics and the like. Most of the time it is some sort of brute force though. 

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