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    My idea Adding exploratory missions/expeditions to the Recon gamemode. How it can/would serve a purpose Raises popularity to the Recon gamemode due to having more than discovering a new SCP - exploring it/its internal world. Why I think it should be done Adding explorations/experiment logs of well-known SCPs like 2935 and 093s <<color>> tests would raise the popularity of this game from letting people dive into it. Like using 342 and watching yourself being taken to the other dimension, or becoming 507 and teleport into pitch black location with a "Smiling Man" being your only partner here. How it can be done After choosing the Recon mode, the player can select from two options: Detection Protocol and Exploration Protocol. The 1st option leads you to the undiscovered SCP, and the 2nd - forces you to explore dimensions/buildings/worlds that are inside of (or) an SCP.
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    You just suggested the concept of Recon.
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    Pandemic Pandemic will be a set of missions derived from Containment (see below), where you are in an SCP facility clearing out infectious entities in an attempt to secure the site and recover what you can. This gamemode will serve as a demo/verticle slice of what we will have in store for this project. Blackout Blackout will be our main gamemode based on a containment breach within Area 14. You will play as personnel, associated task forces to the site, amongst other things like some SCPs. As personnel, your pure objective is survival. You will have to get yourself somewhere safe until an opportunity of evacuation is presented by pure miracle or a task force/security detachment coming to save your day like knights in shining armor. You will not be able to kill every SCP, for obvious reasons - in order to keep them from being the neck crunching and wall climbing freaks they are, you will have to use specialized equipment to contain them. Sandbox Sandbox will be our mod support gamemode for those who want to use our game as a platform to create SCP content you desire. You will be able to host servers here, along with using templated classes within our mod development kit. More details will be announced closer to its release, as with the other gamemodes. Infiltration Infiltration will be a non-SCP based gamemode focused more-so on stealth and deception. Your goal is to secure information and intel from other factions, whether it be infiltrating the foundation itself, or a known GOI hotspot. The offending team will be obtaining, recovering, or are a part of a counter-intelligence mission. It will be up to you and your team of how you pull off these set of missions. We recommend playing with people you trust in this one. Recon Recon will be a gamemode based around discovering unknown and yet-to-be-documented anomalous entities and locations. You will often run into time-warping, mind-straining scenarios that will often require you to bring your yellow pants. This gamemode is based on being a pre-Containment gamemode where you are finding out what the threat is before sending other forces in to properly handle the matter. It will be the most story-induced gamemode. More info will be announced closer to its release. Story Story will be our campaign mode, based on the tales of the SCP Wiki's Project Resurrection. You will play as MTF Alpha-9 "Last Hope". You can probably find more details on this laying around. Who knows? We'll publicize more once we are closer to this release, like, it's a really long time from now. We plan on this being fully voice acted and motion captured, so it's public exposition will depend solely off the success of the rest of the project.
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