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  1. I still think that the idea of an object, that will never get bored of stationing an tight corridor is just frustrating, and unfun, but that's my opinion.
  2. They would be neat, but it would be another feature that would motivate players to campling, because they can just hold 1 choke for hour straight and even if turret get's destroyed then can just switch to other one, or just then go manually.
  3. Galopus


    You need to somehow make players stick with the game for longer. This can be done by just giving them some kind of goal (in this situation getting a perk). And something to make them feel even more powerful, like there isn't an end of how good you can be, and in realistic game it's hard to be done, because there will be a lot of pubg factor where you can often get shot through 35 opened doors, before you even have a chance to see an enemy. Also let's not make the same mistake that scp breach in gmod did where the game is boring as hell after 3-4 games because of it being repetitive.
  4. if 079 would take it over, it would be boring to just sit for like 10-15 minutes straight on turret camera waiting for some one to pass by
  5. Galopus

    Beyond Ascension

    I mean, we all would probally love it anyways
  6. Galopus


    Jester probally intented that already but I was like fuck it let's post it anyways. (Also probablly*)
  7. Galopus


    This feature will probally be blackout only My Idea Add perks to the game How it can/would serve a purpose Perks would be a feature that would unlock itself, over time. It would unlock faster the better you do in the game. Perks itself wouldn't be too big of help in an actual game. And most of the time they are just passive effects like you get tired slower or your breath is 50% more silent. Playable SCP's would have their own perks. The perk system can be compared to blood web in Dead by Daylight. Humans would be able to have few perks at the same time, although playable SCP's will be able to only have one perk at the time. But it will be more game-changing Why I think it should be done Perks would give a player a feeling of accomplishment, by allowing them to feel more powerful the better they are. And would give the game more variety every game. It can be frustrating to newer players because they wouldn't know why someone has better stats than them. But it's a small price to pay for salvation. And to keep that from happening just simply making them not matter that much (at least for humans, SCP's can be more game-changing). It would also allow players to do some funny and interesting builds, that YouTubers and Twitch streamers would upload. Making the game more popular. Summarizing, it would make the game more interesting every game and would help it gain some popularity. Relevant images/concepts
  8. tbh I wasn't sure how would you enter sewers in a first place. Because just face planting into toilet doesn't seem releastic 2 much.
  9. Could people who want to change little things about it specify what they want to change?
  10. No clowns included though.
  11. My Idea How exactly sewers would work How it can/would serve a purpose We know sewers will be here, but I want to make sure how they will work, and if devs aren't sure yet, to perhaps guide them in certain direction. How it can be done Sewers are a complex and hard idea, so I suggest adding them after release, simplified or just as a update all centered around them. Sewers will be accesible through pumping systems, outside, and through small ladders scattered around facility. Smaller scp's will be able to go in there through toilets. Sewers will go through almost whole facility (not counting zones which contain dangerous scp's which would be able to naturally escape through them. They are really tight and claustrophobic, and will be randomly generated. It will be possible to find map of it though. Getting through them to escape will be difficult because: 1) Sewers can be closed through control room, so if servers won't be destroyed (if the server room mechanic will be in game), you could be trapped in the sewers. 2) It will be the main transport for smaller SCP's. 3) People can "release" content of sewers, through control room. Drowning everything inside. This would be also a way to stop unkillable scp's for big while. But everyone there who wouldn't get out in time will die as well. 4) Going there without a gas mask or a hazmat suit will first make people puke, which will make them stop for a momment, slow them down, and make their vision distorted, and after a long time slowly kill them. 5) As I said earlier sewers would be randomly generated, getting lost in there and slowly dying is a big possibility. 6) After leaving sewers, person will attract all SCP's who have sense of smell. (If it is unknown all humanoid). 7) Sewers have increased chance of getting infected with Virus SCP's. Why I think it should be done We knew sewers will be in game, but here I try to give them more attention. It will give players more of a choice between escape routes. And it will be an diffrent escape route from others, because you can use it from the very first zone to the last one, but you won't know if you won't be closed inside and live an frustrating death. You may think it's an RNG feature, but it isn't. Most of dangers here can be avoided when control room is down, or in control, and you can avoid dangers of dying in there with hazmat suits, and only small SCP's will be an issue but comparing to other places it will have less dangerous SCP's. Relevant images/concepts (showcase of how big sewers can really be)
  12. Galopus


  13. We all know that the anwser is 1004 and SCP 714 so the negative effects won't work on you. Also some coffe but that ain't really scp but still. Having 914 would be neat I mean, you can just put your sandwich there and you get extra tasty sandwich, after putting it on Super Fine. That's a win win
  14. We all know SCP-426 and SCP-4335 are the best SCP's out there
  15. Galopus

    Placeholder Game Cover

    It could work for upvote sign tbh. (Also why it is cut)
  16. Galopus

    Control room

    On 4/24/2019 at 10:14 PM, Bounty Hunter said: Well I pe rsonally think that high access is enough, considering that getting into server room could probally disable all options with that room, or certain ones. The first person who get's there would be able to destroy the room by just smashing everything there as well probally. Balancing of this room depends on server room access level, control room access level, size of map, and player amount. This can be hardest thing so far to balance in SCP:A (especially blackout), so destroying server rooms to not allow anyone to use escape routes no one would use normally, wouldn't be a chore or a race, kinda like in SCP Breach in gmod every round started the same, Scientists and Class D's race to 939 chamber and who get's there first basiclly wins, the early game
  17. Galopus

    Control room

    Still it would be extremely hard to balance and it cannot be the only one of "Special room" if you can even name it like it. And not make it like 939 chamber in scp breach in gmod where every round as class d or scientist was who get's first there to grab a gun. And the scenario repeated every time. But I belive in Jester and others.
  18. Galopus

    Control room

    My Idea Add control room How it can/would serve a purpose Room like it would be able to control and monitor most of the facility, this room would only appear in one or several zones. How it can be done The room will allow you to: 1. Monitor important chokepoints, crucial to few escape routes. 2. Display a layout of the whole facility, showing the state of all doors and gates (if they are open or closed), destroying the doors (with grenades or stronger scp's), will make it impossible to see the state of them though. 3. Control the ventilation, this can stop SCP 008 spreading, and close some escape routes. 4. Close the sewer system. 5. Close few gates, or doors, still not all so being able to escape will be still possible. 6. Control the power on few zones (this one will disable light, and anything that requires electricity on particular zone, this will also require the highest level access to use. 7. Listen to all radio frequencies, and use them. Invidual options here will require diffrent level access, and this room would be incredibly hard to access itself. Though you can get rid off it by just simply destroying everything there once you're in there, or by destroying the server room. Why I think it should be done Trully balancing it won't be the easiest, placement off this room will be crucial but once done right, when you would be able to use it, chances of winning would be at severally bigger, and harder for other teams. Surely the room will be often not avaible to use, because of server room being destroyed, but once it will do, escape routes that are normally impossible to make, will became open, making it easier for remaining people to escape. It will also significantly increase amount of choice making. Even though it will take a while to make I belive it is quite important to add. And once it will be found by people who don't intend on escaping it will help them in finding scp's and survivors that would normally be hard to find. Relevant images/concepts
  19. Or body of person infected with 940 to make sure you are safe
  20. will you be able to incernate some small SCP's like 1048 when he will be added?
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