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  1. We all know that the anwser is 1004 and SCP 714 so the negative effects won't work on you. Also some coffe but that ain't really scp but still. Having 914 would be neat I mean, you can just put your sandwich there and you get extra tasty sandwich, after putting it on Super Fine. That's a win win
  2. We all know SCP-426 and SCP-4335 are the best SCP's out there
  3. Galopus

    Placeholder Game Cover

    It could work for upvote sign tbh. (Also why it is cut)
  4. Galopus

    Control room

    On 4/24/2019 at 10:14 PM, Bounty Hunter said: Well I pe rsonally think that high access is enough, considering that getting into server room could probally disable all options with that room, or certain ones. The first person who get's there would be able to destroy the room by just smashing everything there as well probally. Balancing of this room depends on server room access level, control room access level, size of map, and player amount. This can be hardest thing so far to balance in SCP:A (especially blackout), so destroying server rooms to not allow anyone to use escape routes no one would use normally, wouldn't be a chore or a race, kinda like in SCP Breach in gmod every round started the same, Scientists and Class D's race to 939 chamber and who get's there first basiclly wins, the early game
  5. Galopus

    Control room

    Still it would be extremely hard to balance and it cannot be the only one of "Special room" if you can even name it like it. And not make it like 939 chamber in scp breach in gmod where every round as class d or scientist was who get's first there to grab a gun. And the scenario repeated every time. But I belive in Jester and others.
  6. Galopus

    Control room

    My Idea Add control room How it can/would serve a purpose Room like it would be able to control and monitor most of the facility, this room would only appear in one or several zones. How it can be done The room will allow you to: 1. Monitor important chokepoints, crucial to few escape routes. 2. Display a layout of the whole facility, showing the state of all doors and gates (if they are open or closed), destroying the doors (with grenades or stronger scp's), will make it impossible to see the state of them though. 3. Control the ventilation, this can stop SCP 008 spreading, and close some escape routes. 4. Close the sewer system. 5. Close few gates, or doors, still not all so being able to escape will be still possible. 6. Control the power on few zones (this one will disable light, and anything that requires electricity on particular zone, this will also require the highest level access to use. 7. Listen to all radio frequencies, and use them. Invidual options here will require diffrent level access, and this room would be incredibly hard to access itself. Though you can get rid off it by just simply destroying everything there once you're in there, or by destroying the server room. Why I think it should be done Trully balancing it won't be the easiest, placement off this room will be crucial but once done right, when you would be able to use it, chances of winning would be at severally bigger, and harder for other teams. Surely the room will be often not avaible to use, because of server room being destroyed, but once it will do, escape routes that are normally impossible to make, will became open, making it easier for remaining people to escape. It will also significantly increase amount of choice making. Even though it will take a while to make I belive it is quite important to add. And once it will be found by people who don't intend on escaping it will help them in finding scp's and survivors that would normally be hard to find. Relevant images/concepts
  7. Or body of person infected with 940 to make sure you are safe
  8. will you be able to incernate some small SCP's like 1048 when he will be added?
  9. Will this room have some usable items in it, or will it just be a filler to the map?
  10. Okay so this thingy in middle looks like elevator to me so I have 2 questions. 1. Can you use it 2. If you can use it can you crush unkillable SCP's under it.
  11. Staff applications are closed
  12. If I remember right in scp ascension we're going for minimalization of UI
  13. Galopus


    Saying this, it means you would have control of 035 and that is also an option
  14. Galopus


    Well, let's be honest, no one would take it, cuz not only you need something to get through high security door to get there (prolly), you will need probally to be somehow experienced in game to be able to go there. And if you are experienced you won't be stupid enough to go there. Making 035 as just AI, that will pop around blood thingies or just posses some lad, or even spawn somewhere random at map, and making them pick up the mask when they are close enough (man this will be annoying as fuck), would probally work fine
  15. that would be nice but we're going for actual lore in ascension
  16. Galopus


    Reminder that Night vision is blinding in bright rooms, so I think it would be intresting if you could blind people with flashlight or just activating light in really dark room, and blinding them for x amount of time after they disable night vision
  17. Galopus


    Okay so my suggestion that can help 035, first players will be attracted to 035 so when they will be close to it, they will put mask on them by force, secondly I think it would be intresting to play as the substance the 035 is making, so basiclly you will travel through vents, pipes, etc. attacking people from above and mostly from suprise because it would be easy to escape. With it you would be able to block some path as well, for people without range weapons that can shoot at the thing he leaks. And destroy it. He could also be able to create outpost. They would work like this. You put some of them in corridors, when players get near them, you get alerted where they are and can go there fast. Idea like this would be quite intresting and I think balanced. And way better than just waiting for someone to come. Also to contain the SCP you would probally destroy whole room or something (but not get there because then SCP gains ability to move and become stronger, but this form will be avaible only for limited time). But also the closer you are to his chamber, the bigger chance you will die (because this is where all his substance comes from so there is more of it there)
  18. Galopus


    My idea Add dart gun called MK1011 (concept art and description below) How it can/would serve a purpose MK1011 is dart gun that shoots special darts with tracking, and [REDACTED], this weapon isn’t designed to kill, but to catch humanoid SCP’s, or to escape from them, poison in dart makes them fall asleep for x seconds (the number can change due to balancing and etc.), but they will wake up when they will get attacked. The dart also has tracking in it, so after SCP will wake up and escape, you’re going to be able to see how far you are from SCP. MK1011 can hold only 2 darts at the same time, and doesn’t need to be reloaded between shooting, but it must be reloaded when the chamber will be empty. The ammo for this weapon will be really hard to find, and gun itself would be even harder to find, and will be very limited. Gun does work only on SCP’s with blood where poison can be injected (works on scp’s like 082, or 049 , but not on 173). Rifle also spins darts really fast so they can get through clothing. Why I think it should be done I personally think that this would be intresting idea, especially in blackout, where you will be able to track some stronger SCP's better so game wouldn't be whole 1 hour of cat and mouse with SCP. And when stronger SCP will attack that you, or your team cannot defeat (at least at that momment), it can help you escape, it will also reward players who cooperate.
  19. What is your Discord ID? Galopus#6102 What were you banned for? For creating unpleasant conversations, and not being able to handle things myself.What will you do differently? I will try my best to don't start unpleasant conversations.Do you believe your ban was invalid? It is true that i broke the rules by creating an alt , though I don't really remember starting "unpleasant conversations", but looking on that I actually got banned for something, so yes the ban was valid. Now after few weeks I am back with newer application with hope for unmute. (thank you very much for unban already, but sadly I am still muted and I cannot DM you or even try to talk with you on any chat) Thank you very much.
  20. What is your Discord ID? Galopus#6102What were you banned for? Don't have idea, got banned from all chats, and cannot DM JesterWhat will you do differently? I won't do the thing I did before, for what I got banned (if there even were a reason)Do you believe your ban was invalid? Yes it was, I think I did nothing, Jester doesn't want to explain to me, and only thing I did was leaving on trello comment that I am still there please remove me from there I respect NDA (still there btw). So just give me a reason why I am here, or just unban me please
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