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  1. Well the multidimensional hopping mask isn't to be used without being careful... when a guy used it and shoot the creatures of that dimension in real life he killed a dozen of random people.
  2. There shouldn't be more than one outside access and it should be difficult to open too since a secure facility would have considered sewers a weakness and probably made the inaccessable.
  3. SCP-458 infinite pizza! man! I mean! MAN!
  4. About that, they took away my translator role from the Discord :(
  5. rikboom

    Control room

    Not really, doesn't make much sense, maybe a thing like, if you don't have a level 5 key (or a security key) you need 3 different level 4 keys
  6. rikboom

    MTF ideas.

    Well Nu-7 and Epsilon-11 are confirmed. And personally i higly doubt we'll ever see Alpha-1 outside of the Singleplayer Campaign (which may not have the MTF in it either). Plus i think Maz Hatters are confirmed too but i'm not sure.
  7. I downvote this. It's supposed to be a difficult game. Plus you just have to see if the enemy has nightvision goggles
  8. rikboom


    I think 035 should be just an object that can be taken by D-class or unknowing researcher (you'd need to know the lore not) effectivly making them an SCP, while the MTF has to arrive at the chamber and block the entrance, either by using a lock or leaving someone to guard it.
  9. At the moment i'd say... 3000, 093, 1730, 2913 and 105.
  10. There's an entire page dedicated to things like this on the forum, just find it.
  11. i don't think there will be respawn in the game You die? You're dead. The End.
  12. They did it already, in one of the test logs for 096 a class D watches a photo of his face.
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