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  1. Personally I really like these ideas. Good stuff, Galo.
  2. Name: Lil Moist#0302 Age: 19 Applying For: Discord Staff Details (Why do you think you deserve the rank)(150-word Minimum): I think I deserve the rank because I'm an active and longstanding member of the community and I believe I'm in good and reputable standing with it's members and that they'll be willing to respect my authority. I'm almost always in the Discord chatting, joking around and interacting with people in all the channels. I'm very excited for SCP:Ascension's release so the community can really grow and prosper and I want to be there to help out with that. I have a ton of free time so if I'm not asleep(CEST) the chance that I'm keeping my eye on the server is pretty high. I've also heard you were in need of EU Moderators, and I am super Swedish min vän. I am capable and ready to enforce the rules of Discord and Affray Studios fairly and with critical thinking, and I'm good at sorting things out and reasoning with people. I hope you consider me and that you know that if I'm accepted I will be committed to supporting and helping the community grow. Past Staff Experiences: I have over a year of experience in Discord Moderating from an Indie Game Discord Server with 24k members (https://discord.gg/darwin). How long have you been apart of Affray's Studio's community: I believe I've been part of the Community for almost a year now. Have you read and understand all Discord Rules: Yes. Do you swear to abide by them: I swear to abide by Discord's and Affray Studio's rules. Do you have a mic: Yes. Define what a troll/minge is: A person or group of people who cause disturbances in the server for the sole reason of annoying people, usually through spam and breaking the rules. How would you deal with them: Depends on the severity of the offense. First I'd tell them to stop, if they don't and continue I would mute them for a time. And if that doesn't teach them to behave I would consider kicking or banning them depending on the gravity of the situation. Have you ever been warned/kicked/muted/banned: Yes If yes, why: Jester must keep himself entertained. (Joke Mutes/Bans. And possibly some MEE6 warnings I don't exactly remember) Do you swear to follow the orders of your respected higher-ups: I swear to follow the orders of my respected higher-ups. Do you promise to avoid causing drama: I promise to avoid causing drama.
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