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  1. gamerboy11116


    See, this is one of the reasons I dislike the idea of a player playing an SCP that requires player input to become deadly. SCP-513-2, SCP-860-2 and SCP-035 all fall into this category. They would be very fun to play as in the event the player activates them, but simply require the player to just... not do something completely unnecessary to avoid all of their dangers. Maybe someone has a chance to spawn as SCP-035, which is their chosen class but with SCP-035 on their face and whatever abilities it gets.
  2. gamerboy11116


    Yes! SCP-860 is a fantastic SCP to add. All object SCPs seem to be.
  3. My Idea Add More Exits to the Map How it can/would serve a purpose It would add more varied means of escaping the facility. A Helicopter Route, Ventilation Shaft, etc. I'm presuming the facility map will be much larger than SCP: CB or SCP Secret Laboratory, and much more complex, so here's some ideas: More Gates (Gate A, B, C, D, E, Etc) SCP-1021 SCP-120 Escape Route Through the Ventilation Shafts Spaceship Escape Evacuation Shelter Escape Sewer Escape Maintenance Tunnel Escape I'm sure you can think up many more. Of course, all of these require you to reach the top floor first as well as do all sorts of dangerous things. Perhaps SCP-005 is required for some of these? Why I think it should be done Adding more Escape Routes would add another layer of in-depth-ness to an already complex game. It makes sense that there would be as many escape routes as possible, right? The SCP Foundation would OBVIOUSLY include as many as possible. It would also give more incentive to head to the Sewer System, Maintenance Tunnels, and things that might otherwise be neglected by the players. How it can be done The Extra Gates are easy enough. Just more gates dotted around the large upper-layers of the facility. Not just Gates A and B, but C, D, E, and so on. SCP-1021 basically counts as escaping the facility. I'm presuming we have an 'escape' mechanic here, by the way. See, it would be very hard to access... Perhaps the way would be blocked off by debris, forcing you to travel a dangerous path. Maybe it can just be tucked away in a random location, simply hard to find rather than difficult to find. SCP-120 would be located in it's chamber in the top layer of the facility, as an easy escape route with a chance of death. Either it transports you to the Sahara, the Pacific, or elsewhere, or into space, where you die. A risk. Cool. Escaping through the ventilation shafts would be, of course, difficult. Very difficult. The Ventilation Shafts would be extremely dangerous, as SCPs could easily head through there and destroy you. The end of the shafts where you escape is extremely hard to find, and will take much resources and time to crawl through the cramped shafts to get there, meaning extensive preparation is necessary to escape this way. But the real danger comes from the SCPs, which can crawl faster and require almost no resources to navigate the shafts. SCP-058 can easily own this area with his size and speed, and either SCP-079 (presuming he will be added, please do) or another enemy with access to high-level computers could flood parts of the shafts with poison gas or shut them down entirely with skill. I'm thinking of a scenario of a D-Class going for this escape route and SCP-058 rounding the corner to obliterate them as well as make them shit their pants. I'm not sure on the spaceship escape. I recall that Lunar Area 32 is going to be added, and so I thought, 'hey, why not be able to escape with a Lunar Ascent Vehicle'? It will be an awesome way to evacuate the Lunar Base. You can come up with something, I'm sure. I'm not sure on the Evacuation Shelter escape path. Seems too... easy. The sewers? Oh, boy. I always loved the idea of a Foundation Sewer System being added. One of the lowest levels of the Facility, very hard to access, and in and of itself is dangerous. It's usually flooded with SCP-009 and other non-playable SCPs/environmental hazards, SCP-682 and other SCPs can lurk and thrive here with the system having dark, foreboding, shadowy, and slimy environments, not to mention having perfect hiding spots for SCP-682 and other horrifying abominations. You can probably get out here, finding a path that deposits you into a nearby lake. The Maintenance Tunnels have to be added, obviously. I hope they don't get neglected, they seem like the perfect spot for several SCPs, like SCP-049 to lurk, awaiting a foolish D-Class to stumble into the dark tunnels in an attempt to escape. The challenge here is the extreme complexity of the tunnels, with there being several layers accessed by Elevators/Elevator Shafts (I love the idea of being forced to climb up Elevator Shafts) and, of course, environmental dangers. A flood of SCP-009, an outbreak of SCP-008, a gas leak, a collapsed ceiling... And, of course, the playable SCPs themselves which would undoubtedly lurk here. Perhaps Maintenance Workers can spawn here. They would have an easy way out, just guarded by tons of dangers, listed above. I always liked the idea of Maintenance Workers being playables. All Escape Routes would be very hard to escape from, as they should, either requiring extensive preparation, only being accessible on the top/bottom layers, long and maze-like, full of roaming SCPs and Environmental Hazards, and so on. Obviously. Relevant images/concepts (Sewer Systems. Speaking of which, an SCP-035 infection could be very cool.) (Maintenance Tunnel Pic #1.) (Maintenance Tunnel Pic #2.)
  4. I'm presuming you will be able to play as SCP-096. So, presuming that, will it be realistic in the sense that the second you see SCP-096, you are basically dead meat? Or will it be sort of Secret Laboratory, seeing his face causes him to rage and attack nearby players? If it's the former, and the second you see him, you are basically dead, won't that mean SCP-096 won't be really fun to play as because you can't control him much? If someone shows somebody else a picture of SCP-096 on the other side of the map, will he automatically head towards that guy without user input available? On the flip side, can't SCP-096 just camp behind a door, and when somebody sees him, they might as well give up? It won't really be as fun, is what I'm saying. Just a bit confused.
  5. SCP-826, for obvious reasons. I could enter ANY fantasy world I wish to create, and best of all, any fantasy world I, myself create! And giving that I consider myself a writer, this could be quite amazing. EX, 'once upon a time there was a town full of beautiful women who always wanted to have sex with any male that appears there also there is a giant library dead center in the middle so any and all books would be located there and they lived happily ever after the end'. SCP-674, because why not? SCP-109. Could solve global thirst in seconds. SCP-458 for unlimited pizza. SCP-662, for obvious reasons. Basically a Meeseeks box except more overpowered. SCP-500, for more obvious reasons. Oh, a famous physicist has cancer? Panacea for the win. Oh, I have cancer? Panacea for the win. Oh, SCP-008 got out? Panacea for the win. Oh, I'm slowly dying of a horrible disease? Panacea for the win. SCP-427. I will set a timer for fifty-five minutes, wait by it with my computer, and when it goes off I'll close it then move it somewhere else. Boom, awesome optimization. I'll just be sure not to open it again to avoid the mutations. SCP-348 because I like making people happy. SCP-714, because who knows when it might be useful? SCP-005, obvious reasons. Break into anything, use it to do some snooping... And with my OP-ness, the Canadian Government might hire me and this to do some spy work. That'll be awesome. Maybe the American Government. The British One would work fine, too. SCP-1230 whenever I go to bed, so my dreams are awesome. I'll just be sure to not stay there forever. SCP-063. Because. SCP-3108, it's an awesome weapon. Remember the spying thing I intended to do? SCP-294 because it's awesome. SCP-248 for obvious reasons. SCP-133 because of the spying thing. SCP-161 for the same reason as before. Spying. SCP-3120. Maybe I could be an independent spy and use this to reveal government secrets... SCP-038 to duplicate SCP-500, SCP-133, SCP-161, SCP-248, and others. SCP-1182. Remember the spying bit? Invisibility is a good thing. SCP-868 for perfect memory. SCP-420. 'Nuff said. SCP-297 and SCP-113 because ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). SCP-999 as a pet. Oh, yeah. 399, 2925, and 2052, please. Yay, omnipotence!
  6. Okay, so a while ago, I made a long list of SCPs I like and always wanted to be part of a game, as well as several other ideas for an SCP game. So, I here are some ideas I had of things to add: (Forgive me if these have been said before. I looked through and tried to avoid ones previously mentioned, but I'm not omnipotent. Unlike 343. Nerf him, please.) SCP-005: SCP-005, although obviously not a playable SCP, could be found tucked away somewhere. Extremely hard to get at for balance purposes, but certainly useful. It would be an item, of course, something that replaces the keycard. It could open doors even the highest Keycard couldn't open. For example, doors that are locked down. SCP-008/SCP-009/SCP-012: Some more unplayable SCPs, things to add more flavor. I like the idea of important items or something useful being found in the chambers for these SCPs. Perhaps you may have to do some parkour or something to avoid 009 and get a gun of sorts? It just seems like these are so popular, it would be a shame not to use them, especially considering how big this game seems like it will be. SCP-017: This could be an extremely fun SCP to play as. Perhaps it can only attack people who interrupted a flow of light? Maybe you could counter it by donning a reflective garment or turn off the lights? Not really sure. Oh, wait! Imagine SCP-079 being able to turn on the lights in certain rooms, thus allowing SCP-017 to devour anybody inside? SCP-066: Perhaps this one can use a 'Beethoven attack', in which he blasts Beethoven loudly, causing anybody affected to have their sound muted? Sounds like a meaningless attack, but being unable to hear gunshots nearby, footsteps, 173 cracking necks, or the speech of your teammates could be deadly. Very deadly, actually. In a game, you have two senses: Sight and Hearing. To have one of those removed would be a very effective attack. Perhaps it could only be temporary. Whatever, including this one, would be nice. SCP-076-2: Just imagine how fun it could be to play as this SCP. Being able to summon a sword mid-air, and use it to slay enemies left and right... it wouldn't be too hard to implement, and an incredibly fun addition, I feel. Giving the fact SCP-073 is going to be added, at least according to this thread, to not include his counterpart feels like a bit of a waste. SCP-079: I'm pretty sure this one was going to be included anyway, but I wanted to add this here just in case. He could affect the Facility Systems, being able to open and close doors to trap players or release SCPs, flick off and on lights, initiate decontamination procedures, lockdown certain areas, open containment chambers, communicate to SCPs through the PA System, lock doors entirely to prevent them from being opened without SCP-005, activate and deactivate the Sprinkler System... Of course, he could be countered by 'hacking' the systems or turning off certain switches, like Remote Door Control, kind of like SCP: Containment Breach. It's not like other SCPs couldn't turn them back on, so he would never be left completely useless unless all other SCPs are dead. This would be INCREDIBLY fun to play as and a shame not to add, in my opinion. He could kill easily with poison gas and such, too. Wait, what if he could hack into the SCRAMBLE gear? SCP-096 would get a lot more intimidating. Maybe he could even hack into vehicles, like helicopters? He could be killed by shooting him/unplugging him, but SCP-079's door is locked down and requires 005 or something else that's difficult to get to access. Perhaps he can hack and display false images in the Surveillance Room, too? SCP-087/SCP-093: Not even remotely sure how these could be added. I doubt they will, of course, mainly due to SCP-087's uselessness and SCP-093's... complexity. Granted, SCP-093 could be very cool to play. Perhaps some useful items could be found in the dimension, and players could play as The Unclean? I just wanted to throw it out there. See what you guys can make of it. SCP-096: Of COURSE everybody's favorite mutated Shy Guy has to be added! Incredibly fun to play as, and insanely useful. Like SCP Secret Laboratory, looking at his face would result in him getting angry, capable of breaking down heavily fortified doors and killing people at sight. In reality, SCP-096 would hunt down whoever found him specifically, but that doesn't seem like very much fun. I would say that fact would have to be forgone to make way for a better and more entertaining game. Would feel a bit cheap if the second you saw his face, you are GUARANTEED to die. He could just hide behind doors and wait for someone to open them, seeing his face and ruining the fun. That would also result in SCP-096 being unfun to play, because you can't control your character the second you can actually kill people. SCP-106: Obviously. Able to pass through walls and doors, send people to an ever-changing Pocket Dimension... It's practically a requirement to add this one. SCP-127: This has been said before, but SCP-127 would be very fun. Sure, SCP-127 takes forever to recharge, so we could counter it by making it very powerful. The gun would deal TONS of damage as the trade-off for only being able to use it once per game and with limited ammo. SCP-162: The Ball of Sharp. There really isn't anything to be said about this. You turn around the corner, SCP-079 playing havoc with the lights as you run from 096, and slam right into 162. Nothing really special about it. SCP-178: Really, this one I was skeptical about myself. It would be a shame not to add such an iconic SCP, of course, but not required. Maybe it's just an item. Only being able to attack players wearing it would be incredibly boring. Simply don't put it on. SCP-280: Nothing special to note about this. Just a playable SCP you can attack people with. SCP-294: Unplayable SCP, of course. Imagine the fun you can have with this! Typing in Antimatter and killing everybody within a 10-20 meter radius would be fun. Not adding this would be an insult to SCP, in my opinion. Incredibly iconic. SCP-427: Look this one up yourself. Very nice item SCP. Imagine what you could do with this. SCP-457: This one could be very fun to use! He could require Fuel, a resource obtained by burning flammable materials, such as organic bodies, papers, wood, gasoline, and oil from vehicles, etc. He slowly loses fuel, with each unit of fuel reducing his power slightly. Not enough to be detrimental or even noteworthy until a little bit into the game. The loss of fuel is exponential, resulting in him eventually dying when he runs out of fuel. However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, gathering excessive fuel INCREASES his power, with a cap that allows him to wreak havoc with the world. Gasoline could be found in pipes which could be broken, or SCP-079 could release oil and gas from various pipes to feed 457. He would have plenty of health, and bullets wouldn't really work on him. The only way to kill him would be to use Fire Extinguishers, water from taps or 294, or the sprinkler system. You could activate it by burning something in front of a Smoke Detector, or if that is too easy, pulling a switch to activate it. This would cause 457 to wither away fast, at least within the facility. In the event the Sprinkler is activated, an SCP such as 079 or someone else would have to turn it off, 457 would have to leave the facility, hide under some cover, or die. Outside, he could absorb the foliage, perhaps. SCP-500: 'Nuff said. SCP-513: Perhaps SCPs could ring the bell in front of non-SCPs to release SCP-513-1? Maybe this wouldn't be fun to play as. Not sure. Just an idea. SCP-650: Not a playable SCP. Perhaps too silly to add. Again, not sure. SCP-682: Not adding this guy would be sad. The unstoppable lizard monster, only being able to be stopped by being trapped in a room, which can be filled with acid. Perhaps every section is separated by a large room, which can be used to trap 682? Maybe he can simply be incapacitated by tanks and missiles and stuff? Honestly, adding this is necessary I feel, though I'm not entirely sure how he would play. SCP-714: Obviously. SCP-860: See, this is an example of an SCP that wouldn't be very fun to play as. I find it's important this one is added, being such an iconic one. Playing as SCP-860-2 (The Wolf Creature) wouldn't be fun unless someone enters SCP-860-1 so he could actually do something. Advice and suggestions on this one would be appreciated. SCP-895: Self-explanatory. SCP-914: Again, self-explanatory. Upgrade your items, your keycards, and downgrade your fellow teammates VIA the Rough Setting, crushing and burning them into a fiery pulp. SCP-966: Once more, self-explanatory. SCP-1048: This one could attack and kill people, and then turn them into those ear creature things. SCP-1499: Classic SCP. Not sure how it would play, or if it would be too cheesy or not. Whatever, nice SCP to use to store things or escape from imminent death. Of course there is also the interesting item SCPs I mostly avoided, like 1123, 1074, and so on. But there are a few other things I would like to see. The Sprinkler System, which, of course, would be used mainly as a mechanic for 457. Perhaps the water on the floor also causes people to slip and slide. Able to be hacked by SCP-079, turned off and on VIA Switch, and so on. The PA System, which would serve as a way for players to communicate with the entire facility, and for SCP-079 to communicate with others. Acid Rooms, which serve as a way to trap SCP-682. Not really sure about this. Store Rooms, Archive Rooms, Document Rooms, Office Blocks, Cell Blocks, Tesla Coils, etc. Not really much to say about this. Surveillance Rooms, which act as a way to monitor the SCP Facility. Can be hacked by 079 to display false images, perhaps. That would be very fun. Server Rooms, which can access many features around the facility or be used to shut off some of SCP-079's abilities. Alpha Warheads and Omega Warheads, naturally. Can't have an SCP game without them. Maintenance Tunnels, like in SCP:CB. Helicopters, because why not? Okay, fine. This was an insane list, a huge one, and I may be expecting too much from this game. But at the very least, 005, 066, 076-2, 079, 096, 106, 127, 294, 457, 500, 714, 914 and 1048 should be added. At least, that's my TOP Tier Wish List. The rooms and helicopter are also neat, I think. Sorry if I just repeated features already planned. I just wanted to get this out. Thanks. Cheers. EDIT: Oh, yes. I don't think 343 should be added. He would be too OP and there isn't a believable story as to why he couldn't do anything I can think of. Also, a Sewer System would be awesome for 682 to inhabit. And I didn't mention several SCPs I want to be added because they were already suggested in other places, of course. Once again, thanks and cheers.
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