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  1. +1 As i myself became Mod just shortly after i became active, i guess its worth to take the chance that he'll/she'll get more active after being accepted, and staying like that for some time, too. Secondly he has relatively much experience, especially noteworthy are the higher positions aswell as the, apparently, real life administrating experience, which brings you nearer to the community than being countries apart like in Discord servers.
  2. +1 Experience in different environments
  3. Name: Trustworthy Guy#3363 Age: 15, born 11/23/2002 (MM/DD/YYYY) Applying for: Translator (German) Details: My name is Marvin, I am 15 years old and I am from Germany. I’ve applied for this role mainly because I am not only extremely interested in the project SCP:Ascension, but also would really like to help developing the game and, as I don’t know much about programming, I think the best way to do that is as a translator. Also, as I really like the English language and have good grades in both English and German, I think I can put up with the pressure and work translating a whole game, with only a few co-workers in that area, can bring up. As a little showcase of my translating skills I have translated the description of the gamemode “Contain“. The first text will be the original text in English, the second one is the same text translated into German how I would translate it. 1) Contain Tasked with dealing with a major threat to the foundation or the human populous as a whole, you are a member of one of the many Mobile Task Forces containing, incapacitating, or neutralizing it. This gamemode plays very similar to Blackout with the exception of the severity of the breach and the roles that you can play. The staff has already been evacuated and the anomaly is usually a singular threat that can have a large amount of destruction in its wake. 2) Contain Aufgetragen mit der Beseitigung einer der größten Bedrohungen der Institution oder der menschlichen Bevölkerung insgesamt, bist du Mitglied einer der vielen Mobilen Eingriffs Truppen die sie fassen, Kampfunfähig machen oder neutralisieren. Dieser Spielmodus spielt sich sehr ähnlich zu Blackout, abgesehen von der Schwere des Ausbruchs und der Rollen die du einnehmen kannst. Das Personal wurde bereits evakuiert und die Anomalie ist meist eine einzige Bedrohung, die eine große Menge an Schaden anrichten kann während sie frei herumläuft. Past Staff Experience: I’ve been Moderator on the Affray Studio Discord and a small Gaming Discord for quite some time now How long have you been part of Affray’s Studio’s community: Active since 28/06/2018 All those other questions I’ve already answered in my Moderator Application: Yes, yes, yes, I don’t think that’s necessary for a translator application x2, yes because Jester is a jokester, yes and yes. Disclaimer: The reason why my application is looking like it’s looking is that the given format is unproper for development applications and I already applied about two months ago, which got ignored for weeks and then deleted with the whole development application section, which is why I thought it might be better not to put too much effort into this.
  4. +1: Instead of writing one of the devils words "Lol" or "Lmao/Lmfao" he used the more subtle "Haha". ...Also he seems relativly active on Discord and i dont think he has a bad personality.
  5. Name: Trustworthy Guy Age: 15 Applying For: Discord Staff Details: I think i would fit the role as a moderator because i not only like taking things in my own hand (in this case helping to keep the server free of Trolls etc.), but also because the Affray Studio Discord server managed to get into my heart in a short period of time and really like to write with its members and staff. As far as i know i don't have any problem with any member and even throught i sometimes may seem a bit unserious in case of writing, i would never dare to even think about abusing my powers, ignore my duty or unseriously handle my role as a staff member. My english is almost flawless in case of understanding and in a reasonable range to good in case of writing. Also i believe it to be useful to have more mods, as i except a mediocre to big flood of members after SCP Ascension got launched. Sadly i wont be able to really help in other categories like programming and voice acting, as i dont posess any knowledge of coding or modelling, and only an untrained voice acting skill. The only other thing i am able to help at, would be as a german translator. Past Staff Experiences: I am currently a moderator at a small collection of game servers called "KarlofDuty's Game Servers" which mainly consists of SCP:SL servers and recently got the 200th member. How long have you been apart of Affray's Studio's community: I've been part of the Discord server since it started the partnership with the SCP:SL team, but i've gotten active in the server since the "Weapon idea contest" Have you read and understand all Discord Rules: Yes Do you swear to abide by them: Yes Do you have a mic: Yes Define what a troll/minge is: I would define a troll/minge as a person that goes over the acceptable bounds of trying to amuse themselves, in a way that interferce with the freedom and enjoyment of other members and/or Staff. How would you deal with them: The first time i would give a "off-record" warning. If another disobeyence follows i would give the individual an actual warning. The third time i would give, depending on the strenght of the disobeyence, a short to long mute. If, after all this, the individual is still trolling, i would finally kick or ban him, again, depending on the strenght. Have you ever been warned/kicked/muted/banned: No Do you swear to follow the orders of you respected higher-ups: Yes Do you promise to avoid causing drama: Yes
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