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  1. Name: William, VildaCZ#3319 Age: I am 13, but mature Applying For: Czech Translator Details: I think I would be good (and first) translator of Czech language. And maybe sometime Mod too ;). So, I´m very active, friendly to all members of SCP: Ascension discord, and even friendly to people in real life. I´m from Czech Republic, country in Central Europe. I live near main city Prague. I have language skills in Czech and in English too. Yes, i´m using grammar. And if i type ex. Hwllo i will edit message or do Hello*. You have a lot of members of Czech language in Discord channel, and some of them don't know English like normal English person (UK, USA, [insert your English country here]). That would be a good rating from Czech players. I can help or solve problems of other players. I am learning coding in Unity, and C+ language. I dont have good voice for making ex. Announcements. But translating is my strength than some voice acting. Past Staff Experiences: I am HR in some groups. But i will easily learn new things. How long have you been apart of Affray's Studio's community: 6 months Have you read and understand all Discord Rules: Yes, I understand. Do you swear to abide by them: Yes, I swear. Do you have a mic: Yes. Define what a troll/minge is: Its person which ruins other players experience, Role play experience, spamming, posting bad images, saying bad words for his own need, because he is happy with trolling. How would you deal with them: 1st time Warn, 2nd time Warn, 3rd time kick. If he would join and cause trouble, then ban. Have you ever been warned/kicked/muted/banned: No. Do you swear to follow the orders of you respected higher-ups: I swear I will. Every time, everywhere. Do you promise to avoid causing drama: Yes, I promise. I would never cause it. Thank you for reading here.
  2. Hello, I would like to ask if you need translators for some languages. Thanks for answer.
  3. My Idea Make role and Name visibility, clothes changing How it can/would serve a purpose When you Aproach Researcher / D class / Chaos Insurgency / MTF You could not see their name and/or name until they show you your ID card. Why I think it should be done Only! If you do something when players could have ex. D-Class found dead Researcher on floor, he could take his clothes. Only! Like i said ↑↑↑ you could have at start of round as D class would have D-[random number ex. 9431] Researcher could have name tag (ex. Researcher/Janitor etc. William Smith) MTF could have Name tag on vest like in military (just surname [about that surname, players could have RP name] or MTF Unit tag) (ex. Johnson or [MTF] Nu-7 ("Hammer Down") Chaos insurgency (or other Groups of Interests) would have Unit name and no names/surnames (Units like ex. Delta, Whiskey, Mike = NATO Phonetic alphabet) maybe more roles coming soon... How it can be done Player 1 (i will name him William) and Player 2 (I will name him Peter). William is D-class, and he found dead body of Thomas, which was researcher. He took his clothes, so everyone him as Thomas. Then, when he will get to offices zone, he will meet Peter, the MTF Epsilon-11 member. William will tell him he is researcher, so he will try to evacuate him. But MTF Epsilon-11 Commander will have something like Scanner, that can scan players/dead bodies (so he can know role and name if its not known). So he will say in radio that he found dead naked (by naked i did not mean NAKED but he will have like shorts, socks etc.) body with D class jumpsuit on floor / or just dead body with D class jumpsuit equiped (if William do that, he could make him to equip that jumpsuit and then killed him OR he could first kill him, and then he can equip clothes to dead body of Thomas, but it will take some time (20-40 seconds). And if Peter found out that he is D-class, then he will kill him, or he will evacuate him, so he could escape as fake researcher, or try to run from him, so he will escape as D class. Images MTF name tag Researchers ID card Class-D jumpsuit number (note it will be orange and maybe without SCP logo) Thank you for reading this to the end. Leave comment about what you think. Have a nice day!
  4. Good idea man. This would be very usefull.
  5. So let´s get right into it! My Idea Add Lockdown Procedures How it can/would serve a purpose When you will play as Human or SCP, you wanted to escape/go trough vents/sewers, right? This will make it way harder, because of some Lockdown Procedures. Why i think it should be done Because in real life, there would be Lockdown procedures that will activate when SCP / Class D riot / Groups of Interests / etc. or will be activated by intensity grade of breach/ riot and so on. How it can be done I know, vents and sewers... Why they would have some Lockdown Procedures? There is easy answer. Blackout gamemode Scenario: At the start of the round, the Gray-17 "Closing Time" activation will close gates / sewers / ventilation systems and can only be deactivated by MTF members or by destroying the Gray-17 control module (for SCP). That will cause opening of all sewers/ vents / gate etc. More information about Lockdown Procedures/Automated Response Initiatives (like Gray-17) are here on this link: http://www.scp-wiki.net/lockdown-procedures Thank you for taking the time and reading it to the end. ?
  6. Hello, I would like to say something. If this game is based on SCP Foundation, that i read it is based alot, There is ARI (Automated Response Initiatives), and they are used in case of breach. And there is problem with idea of sewer/ventilation systems. Its named GRAY-17 I will quote: GRAY-17 has control over the closure/lockdown of all door, utility and ventilation system, and in direct connection with the O4 system for maximum response time. GRAY-17 can be authorised on any grade higher than Class-E, and will automatically close select units, compounds and sites to varying intensities dependant on the Lockdown Degree, including site gates, sewage systems, power lines, radio connection and issue Protocol 15-A on all data banks, causing most to enter deep-storage. GRAY-17 is effective due to the rate at which it can respond to a breach, and is one of the most essential response initiatives for any site. So There is problem with it. But its cool idea! Here is link if you want to fully read. : http://www.scp-wiki.net/lockdown-procedures
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