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    Exploratory missions

    You just suggested the concept of Recon.
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    SCP 966 visibility icon

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    Security Concept Art

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  5. Check out our Discord: https://discord.gg/affray SCP: Ascension concept art

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  6. SCP concept art Check out our Discord: https://discord.gg/affray

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    Talking - Stealth mechanics

    No promises for this will come yet - we plan on stealth/glory kills, but at an unknown time in development.
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    Text/Voice chat

    Locking - old topic that got bumped.
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    About Gamemodes and gameplay & mechanics

    Mostly correct. Gasmasks cannot protect you from 008, it is not airborne. HazMat suits will make it into the game.
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    Crouching, hiding in lockers and under objects, as well as the possibility of prone are all considered for content additions to Blackout in the future. That's all it will be for now.
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    Please read this thread - Topic closed.
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    ETA on additional devlogs?

    We will get back into them alongside video content fairly soon - we didn't want to typecast the devblogs into the expectable "updates" of just what we were working on and such, as that can be done through just "hey we are working on Pandemic now". All-in-all, we plan on making our development more attached to the community, with video updates of WIP systems, to livestreaming Q&As, video updates where we actually talk rather than just having to read announcements, and so on. We are opening up our floodgates a bit more, as we are progressing into something we are becoming more and more proud of now. As, in the past, we were figuring ourselves out - we are now fully confident in carrying out the project and being able to obtain what we need to get to the ultimate goal of SCP: Ascension.
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    Non euclidean geometry

    Yes! Non-euclidean geometry will be a big part of some Recon missions. There also may be use in 106's pocket dimension.
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    MTF Operator Updated

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    MTF Operator Updated 2

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    Transport Hall - The looks

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  20. 049 won't be added for a while - but when we do we may do something like this. As the wiki doesn't say they don't. There is room for creative interpretation. Not entirely sure yet. We are starting off with 008, which can infect others. And there will be A.I. hordes.
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    What is SCP: Ascension?

    FAQ • Gamemodes SCP: Ascension is a multi-gamemode project based on the SCP Wiki. It is intended to be a huge platform for the SCP community in terms of both content and content creation. We plan on releasing a mod development kit by late 2019 if all goes to plan, where you can use most engine assets and core blueprints to create mod packs that can be loaded/unloaded into and from the game. You have likely seen some examples of this from games like Squad, ARK, amongts others. You will have access to an Unreal Engine editor to create your own stuff. Will be loads of fun once we head off into it. We are ensuring our core development is fully modular to ensure limitless possibilities for both us and user creations. We are starting off our development cycle with our gamemode which is known as Blackout, a big reason we are starting off with it is simply that it's based off a concept people are simply in love with in the SCP communities - a containment breach. We haven't been too awfully impressed with other projects as of late and what they do with the overall concept, so we decided to create what we think should exist - a multiplayer gamemode based heavily on survival, close-quarter tactics/combat, and actual containment for the non-terminatable anomalies. Our take is more serious than most other projects we've seen and we are hoping to showcase our in-depth development soon, for now, you can simply check out our Gallery. After we finish off the gamemodes, we hope to work on a full-fledged story based on a collection of lore and tales we love from the wiki, we call this project "Project Ascension", which is where our game name came from believe it or not. We plan on this campaign mode to be fully voice acted, motion/facial captured, and so on. And before you fret about an indie company wanting to work on something like this, no worries, we have plenty of cost-effective options to make this happen. We simply just don't want to work on this before the other core modes are done for obvious reasons. We are also partnered up with SCP wiki writers and creators to make this happen when the time comes. If you know the SCP community well, you will see a lot of familiar faces in the credits and in the active works. As of now, we are working on a demo mode derived from our future Containment series, now known as Pandemic. Pandemic will serve as our primary "foot-in-the-door" gameplay footage and tech demonstration. We plan on this being out in very early 2019 and are very excited to get it out there. We have a lot of big plans for both short-term and the future. We also decided to go into mostly untouched territory in comparison to other SCP games - such as Containment, Recon, and Infiltration. We love the idea of going to places outside the facility itself in meaningful ways, as it hasn't really been done or really considered too much within other SCP projects. We now have a relatively well-sized, talented, and specialized team to make this project happen, and we are happy to do so. We strive to be Ascension. Want to support us and our project? Consider donating and/or following our social media. There will be a lot to see throughout our time in the development of this project. Social: https://discord.gg/affray https://twitter.com/affraystudios https://facebook.com/affraystudios https://reddit.com/r/SCPAscension https://youtube.com/affraystudios Donate: https://patreon.com/affraystudios https://affraystudios.com/donate (PayPal redirect) Cheers and happy new years!
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    Gamemode Info (Updated for 2019)

    Pandemic Pandemic will be a set of missions derived from Containment (see below), where you are in an SCP facility clearing out infectious entities in an attempt to secure the site and recover what you can. This gamemode will serve as a demo/verticle slice of what we will have in store for this project. Blackout Blackout will be our main gamemode based on a containment breach within Area 14. You will play as personnel, associated task forces to the site, amongst other things like some SCPs. As personnel, your pure objective is survival. You will have to get yourself somewhere safe until an opportunity of evacuation is presented by pure miracle or a task force/security detachment coming to save your day like knights in shining armor. You will not be able to kill every SCP, for obvious reasons - in order to keep them from being the neck crunching and wall climbing freaks they are, you will have to use specialized equipment to contain them. Sandbox Sandbox will be our mod support gamemode for those who want to use our game as a platform to create SCP content you desire. You will be able to host servers here, along with using templated classes within our mod development kit. More details will be announced closer to its release, as with the other gamemodes. Infiltration Infiltration will be a non-SCP based gamemode focused more-so on stealth and deception. Your goal is to secure information and intel from other factions, whether it be infiltrating the foundation itself, or a known GOI hotspot. The offending team will be obtaining, recovering, or are a part of a counter-intelligence mission. It will be up to you and your team of how you pull off these set of missions. We recommend playing with people you trust in this one. Containment Containment is a PvE-based gamemode on containing or terminating anomalies in a designated team of players. To sum this up quickly, this will basically be Blackout but in several non-facility locations with a known threat rather than having to find out. This will be more for the action-seeking players. More info will be announced closer to its release. Recon Recon will be a gamemode based around discovering unknown and yet-to-be-documented anomalous entities and locations. You will often run into time-warping, mind-straining scenarios that will often require you to bring your yellow pants. This gamemode is based on being a pre-Containment gamemode where you are finding out what the threat is before sending other forces in to properly handle the matter. It will be the most story-induced gamemode. More info will be announced closer to its release. Story Story will be our campaign mode, based on the tales of the SCP Wiki's Project Resurrection. You will play as MTF Alpha-9 "Last Hope". You can probably find more details on this laying around. Who knows? We'll publicize more once we are closer to this release, like, it's a really long time from now. We plan on this being fully voice acted and motion captured, so it's public exposition will depend solely off the success of the rest of the project. When Day Breaks What are you doing here?
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    Taking Cover - Free Cam

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    Infestation (008 Scenario for Pandemic)

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