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    Control room

    We do have a control room, but for now, will only have controls to lift certain lockdown points for Pandemic. We are not sure where we will take it pre or post-Blackout.
  2. Not really a priority, but it's thought about occasionally.
  3. It will have usable items.
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    Keycard Scanners

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  7. You just suggested the concept of Recon.
  8. SCP concept art Check out our Discord:

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  10. No promises for this will come yet - we plan on stealth/glory kills, but at an unknown time in development.
  11. Locking - old topic that got bumped.
  12. Mostly correct. Gasmasks cannot protect you from 008, it is not airborne. HazMat suits will make it into the game.
  13. Crouching, hiding in lockers and under objects, as well as the possibility of prone are all considered for content additions to Blackout in the future. That's all it will be for now.
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    Please read this thread - Topic closed.
  15. We will get back into them alongside video content fairly soon - we didn't want to typecast the devblogs into the expectable "updates" of just what we were working on and such, as that can be done through just "hey we are working on Pandemic now". All-in-all, we plan on making our development more attached to the community, with video updates of WIP systems, to livestreaming Q&As, video updates where we actually talk rather than just having to read announcements, and so on. We are opening up our floodgates a bit more, as we are progressing into something we are becoming more and more proud of now. As, in the past, we were figuring ourselves out - we are now fully confident in carrying out the project and being able to obtain what we need to get to the ultimate goal of SCP: Ascension.
  16. Yes! Non-euclidean geometry will be a big part of some Recon missions. There also may be use in 106's pocket dimension.
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    MTF Operator Updated 2

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    MTF Operator Updated

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  21. 049 won't be added for a while - but when we do we may do something like this. As the wiki doesn't say they don't. There is room for creative interpretation. Not entirely sure yet. We are starting off with 008, which can infect others. And there will be A.I. hordes.