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  1. Name: Rika The Raccoon#2164 (My name in the server is Potato for some reason) Age: 16 Applying For: Discord Staff Details (Why do you think you deserve the rank)(150-word Minimum): I think I deserve the rank because i don't think im hated by the members of the server, so most of the members would respect me (even though some people would jokingly not respect a raccoon / potato) I'am also most of the time online, I always have discord open on my second monitor and most of the time I have them on active chats, so if it would happen that there’s an active chat in Affray’s discord server, I would likely switch it to that chat, even when I'm working I sometimes read through the Affray Discord messages. (I Don't generaly talk that often but i'am most of the time reading they're conversations, but when i talk i mostly joke around , or try to help people by answering they’re questions the best i can myself) I also heard you where searching for people living in the EU, and i happen to live there, in the Netherlands to be exact, and because pandemic would be releasing soon, it would (hopefully) attrac more people , and i would like to help monitor the server when that would happen. And if i would be accepted as a staff , I would certainly spend even more time in the discord, may it be helping others or just monitoring the chat. Past Staff Experiences: none How long have you been apart of Affray's Studio's community: Almost a whole year Have you read and understand all Discord Rules: Yes. Do you swear to abide by them: I swear to abide both Affray's and Discord's rules Do you have a mic: Yes. Define what a troll/minge is: A group or a single person trying to make people angry, or annoy them for the sake of they're own pleasure. How would you deal with them: depends on what they're doing. I would first warn them, if they would continue i would mute them. If they would continue after this , a longer mute. (or if they are doing something very bad, like spamming pictures of animal abuse etc, kick and or ban them) Have you ever been warned/kicked/muted/banned: No. If yes, why: Do you swear to follow the orders of you respected higher-ups: I swear to follow the orders of the higher-ups. Do you promise to avoid causing drama: I promise to not cause / avoid to make any drama in the server
  2. But what about pooping on a toilet and you're shit falls on the person in the sewers
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