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  1. This is just a random shower thought, if the facility is going to be so big, is it possible to just get lost and never meet another SCP or person until the endgame when there is that final sweep?
  2. This is just an empty place to ask questions and wait for information on Ascension. There is no other purpose.
  3. Given the different GoIs and their likely goals in game, like CoTBG trying to build MEKHANE, if a "deity" or world ending SCP appears, is it possible to unleash another to stop it or contain it? Basically are all SCPs going to be a team or is it gonna be a free for all for them and whatever happens happens?
  4. Since the story of the game is based off of Resurrection, which is including Omega-7 and maybe Alpha-9, which were MTF Units using SCPs, is it possible to play as a Thaumiel/Safe "friendly" SCP or be able to use SCP objects like 714 (doubt it), or any other usable anomalous objects?
  5. What Groups or factions do you guys like, outside of the SCP Foundation and Chaos Insurgency? Personally it's either the UIU or the GAW.
  6. Saw a post about the differences in the arsenals of the MTF Units and their Chaos counterparts, but now I'm curious, regarding groups like The Serpent's Hand and Anderson's Robotics, will they also be sharing the same weaponry/magic (implying those GoIs are even going to be implemented)?
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