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  1. Bounty Hunter

    Transport Hall - The looks

    wow i cant wait to play rthis game! IT LOKS sO gOod
  2. Bounty Hunter

    SCP List

    It was a joint effort
  3. Bounty Hunter

    Security Concept Art

    I think the one to the far right is the best one because its remaining true to the facility guard we all know and love
  4. Bounty Hunter

    Tertiary Server Room - Concept Art

  5. Bounty Hunter

    SCP-106 (WIP)

    This looks Awesome keep up the good work i cant WAIT to see this game come out
  6. Bounty Hunter

    SCP List

    I always knew versebot was a peasant ever since he stole all that money off me in discord
  7. Bounty Hunter

    Patron/Backer FAQ

    No problem
  8. Bounty Hunter

    Patron/Backer FAQ

    Ah ok. yup i definetly missunder stood but i get it now ? Keep up the good work this game looks AWESOME SO FAR!
  9. Bounty Hunter

    Patron/Backer FAQ

    I mean at the end of the FAQ you said "Q: Do you plan on having donations forever?A: No. We plan on removing perks/overall donations hopefully soon since we are heading into being fully funded by investors we have been coordinating with within the following months. Don't worry, we won't forget about you guys. < 3 " i thought that ment that the perks get taken away because of it saying you plan on removing perks? am i miss-understanding?
  10. Bounty Hunter

    Patron/Backer FAQ

    So when you take away donations will we keep our perks also if we donate long enough could we get all the perks?
  11. Bounty Hunter

    Nine-Tailed Fox - Concept Art (Unarmed)

    DANG thats alot of ... Armour Also this is a good concept i like it.
  12. Bounty Hunter

    SCP-173-B Concept