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  1. i think the control room should only be accessible after you activate 3 key card slots scattered around in armoury's or head researchers office sor other high security areas that are hard/takes a long time to access so its not immidiatly accesible and the key cards wich i think should be named Command Locks should activate when a containment breach occours.
  2. I love this idea and it is true to the lore too.
  3. How it will work I think that there should be a hacking system in the game to enable (mainly) Chaos Insurgent forces and other G.O.I's to find new entry points to extract personnel (the G.O.I might want to recruit Class D personnel or kidnapp high ranking personnel) or purge data or what ever their personal goals, this will even aid foundation personnel in some circuimstances as they could escape through locked down areas. There will be 2 specialized units per round who will be: Foundation Technicians (can repair systems such as tesla gates and door's, the fastest at hacking) Insurgent Disablers (disable foundation technical systems but take much longer to hack) If killed you can pickup their equipment but you will take significantly longer to hack anything and you would have a %50 chance of complete failiure and a %25 chance of unitentional consequences which can be good or bad and a %25 chance of actauly doing it right. If you are a F.T (Foundation Tech) or I.D (Insurgent Disabler) you will always have a %100 success rate because you are fully trained. The escape routes that require hacking should be: Foundation Space program hanger (will be a one time use and hardest to escape out of BUT it will be the first exit point open for escape) All gates other than A and maybe (as to make escape without hacking a possibility) Just to throw it in there GRAY-17 and other ARI's will require to be hacked or at the very least hacking monitoring systems such as camras and audio recorders Mobile task force entrance (could serve as a possible exit too) The entry points that require hacking should be: Again all gates apart from A and maybe B will require hacking to get through Ventilation (i suggest some kind of automated security system in the ventialtion that can be disabled) Vehicle depot/hanger Sewer system (minimal security and the easiest entry point but i suggest it take a long time to get there to balance it) Foundation technician information: The F.T should be around level 3 and have a basic side arm. The ammount of time it should take for him to hack or repair things for minor systems should be 35 seconds and for major systems it should be 100 seconds (major systems would be the space program hanger, Automated security systems, ARI's and the entire camra systems alternitivly you can hack an individual camra which will be a minor system) You can also install a firewall which will take 60 seconds to install which requires a foundation key code to pass (level 3 and above will know the key code). Adding a firewall will add an extra 25 seconds to the total time required to hack somthing. The F.T could also on the otherhand actualy do his job it takes 40 seconds to repair minor systems and partialy repair major systems in 130 and to fully repair major systems it will take 190 seconds The F.T can also use a temporary virus diversion F.T and feed old recordings/loops back to the virus to trick it. Insurgent Disabler information: The I.D will have a basic side arm too to balance things. The disabler will be tasked with allowing his squad safe passage through the facility as fast as possible to complete their mission objectives. The I.D's hacking times will be 40 seconds for minor systems and 120 seconds for major systems. I.D's can install a virus onto the surveillance systems which will give the I.D access to camra systems and audio recording systems, it will take 30 to install the virus. Aleternitivly they can install it onto the comlink system to disable foundation communication systems. NOTE: this will be balanced by putting the comlink system and surveillance system in the command/control room and the control room will only be accessible via level 4 and above cards and the door will not be hackable and the control room will be heavily guarded by ARI's and any wise player who doesen't want to get slaughtered by a virus snitching on them. And there will only be one F.T and one I.D per round so hacking wont be some overpowered game mechanic used to troll people and will only be a Semi-powerfull weapon in the right hands.
  4. The spaceship escape should be a one time use thing i think as it would be somthing to do with the foundation space program and it should be hard to activate E.G you would need to get to command and activate the SCP Foundation space program doors to open the hanger doors and whatnot. and you would need the ARI to approve of this and open it too so i think the ARI should only approve of it and open the door when there are only Euclid SCP's roaming the facility and underno circumstances shall it open it if a keter SCP was roaming. The ARI should be able to check the camras for SCP's and identify it. There should be a way to hack the ARI or the camras to convince it to open high security doors or Gates.
  5. I think 049-2 instances could be specialy "chosen" by 049 to have tools to infect other but only 3 could ever be "special" and the 3 "special" 049-2's would be a bit slower than normal 049-2's and will infect others much slower than 049 and are more for being backup doctors incase 049 is busy elsewhere.
  6. I think we should have no HUD at all so its actauly realistic only 079 should have a hud since its a computer.
  7. The other 2 guards (A and B) look more like field agents more than an actual facility guard.
  8. wow i cant wait to play rthis game! IT LOKS sO gOod
  9. I think the one to the far right is the best one because its remaining true to the facility guard we all know and love
  10. Bounty Hunter

    SCP-106 (WIP)

    This looks Awesome keep up the good work i cant WAIT to see this game come out
  11. DANG thats alot of ... Armour Also this is a good concept i like it.
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