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  1. Pumpkin's Dairy - Day 9

    Well, it seems that after a prolonged testing with these floaters, I've found nothing. No folktales, nothing on the internet, and no data via word of mouth. That didn't stop me, I've now when to my last viable resource...books. But to no avail, these floaters are basically non-existent there's no data anywhere. I might as well give up.


  2. Pumpkin's Dairy - Day 1

    So far nothing really happend at all. I do see these "floaters" traveling in my preitheral vision. I think I'm being watched, theres a feeling, not like a touch but a sense off feeling. The scary thing is these "floaters" don't feel natural, and by natural I mean they feel artificial. They watch me when my eyes are closed, they form a shape, like a serpent. So it was a pretty uneventful day. 

  3. Were there some scrapped ideas that you guys when through to work out the general game in its current state? And if so, would you tell us some of these scraped ideas?
  4. Will the game at all have ant character customization, like facial, race, gender, etc?
  5. Event How it can/would serve a purpose: Its would liven up the server/forums Why I think it should be done: Its would promote activity in channels, and it would have more people sign up on the forums How it can be done: An announcement, It could be like the item event. Like for example we could have an Easter egg contest, they would generate ideas from a new prospective that the devs might have not thought of, and the community would get more active. It worked really well last time and it might just do better now that we hit more members.
  6. Pumpkin


    Like a small event event, Like 173-b spray painted in orange with a wig on. Or 049 with a party hat on his beaks. Just a dumb little event <.<
  7. Pumpkin


    Anyone want to brainstorm some Spoopy Season idea?
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