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  1. Ashirg

    Vault's Daily Song

    Why is there so many beach boys at the beginning?
  2. Ashirg

    First, and welcome!

    Still hyped bout this project
  3. Ashirg

    MTF Operator Updated

    His thoughts: "Dam, we need to make this quick, i REALY need to take a piss"
  4. Ashirg


    Boi, this looks so DAM FINE
  5. Ashirg


    I agree. But it should not work instantly, so you have a chance to escape before you pick it up if you're reacting fast enough.
  6. Ashirg


    I dont even want to answer this anymore.
  7. Ashirg

    Talking - Stealth mechanics

    Have you even read the FAQ and such? There will be talking, with three different ranges/volumes. Some SCPs will be able to jump out of the air (from the ceiling and such) and you can kill from behind if you're sneaky enough.
  8. Ashirg

    Text/Voice chat

    I guess its the server owner that decides Since this game will be based on official servers, i guess cross-teaming is forbidden. At least to a specific point.
  9. Ashirg

    About Gamemodes and gameplay & mechanics

    Some of those gamemode-suggestions will be implemented in/be a part of the regular gamemodes: - CI Spies: Inflitration - lost agents on forest: Maybe Recon - Protect the [REDACTED] files: Inflitration About mechanics: There will be gasmasks, if they protect from 008 is unclear. Hazmat-Suits will porbably be implemented (high chance). THe map will be partially destructible, so SCPs will probably be able to break trough. If you have enough knowledge and time, you can make almost ANY of those suggestions in Sandbox.
  10. Ashirg

    early access rewards

    You will get something when donating. Donating will get unavaible some time after the release.
  11. 049-2 doesnt have the tools to do so.
  12. Ashirg

    Scp Animations

    682 will probably be fully animated, becuase it will be an major SCP that will be the only target of a hole mission.
  13. Ashirg


    Heck yeah, that would be nice
  14. Ashirg

    Map/Location view

    Class-Ds will probably have no map but those NPCs will probably drop some stuff
  15. Ashirg


    My Idea: Implement SCP-2124 Hello there After some brainstorming, we (a friend and i) came up with the idea to implement SCP-2124, the Conceptual Knife. How it can/would serve a purpose Locked in People could get another SCP-Weapon like this. The knife isnt THAT strong but it would be nice to have it, especially if you dont have any other weapon. Why I think it should be done It would just be funny if you try to kill an unarmored D-Class, just to find out he has this knife. How it can be done Add the pizza box at a room (its chamber). If someone finds his/her way to it and is able to open the door, he/she can get such a knife. The knife is not visible and does slightly more damage then a regular knife. Relevant images/concepts Its still just a suggestion, let me know what you think (Poll and comments) Cheers Ashirg