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  1. Not at all, you have to move the right way. You would need to be slow like a snail, so the motion dedector doesnt trigger
  2. You have a point there. There needs to be a way to trick them out. Maybe they cant dedect you if you're moving slowly enough so you can sneak past them with some skills, time and luck
  3. I would say the turrets are on a closed network, which would mean that 079 cant do anything with them. Maybe turn the power of them of, not more
  4. I like this Idea, with a bit more work and some testing this could be great af
  5. *Sigh* Why no clowns, thats the best part
  6. Those ideas are pretty neat, but i would suggest another rank just to make it more logic: Sergeant. It would look like this: Private: Breach charges and proximitry mines. Sergeant: The Sergeant should be able to use EMPs that cut power from a room of their choice, all doors in that room will be locked for 30 seconds, useful for containing SCPs and D-Class. Lieutenant: Be able to use motion trackers and camera systems from a tablet. Commander: Just like in CB NTF mod, commanders can request disabling of security systems (eg: tesla gates if tesla gates will be in the game), it's the commander's responsibility to enable them again if they are not an obstacle anymore. The commander not being responsible could lead to SCPs escaping due to weak security or fellow comrades dying due to him not disabling them momentarily.
  7. Looks like many people dont read the FAQ and all the info before posting but i realy enjoyed reading this one
  8. There actually has to be HUD to replace the senses we dont have
  9. This sounds actually good. Maybe the number of special 049-2s depends on the number of players in the round
  10. They stopped the Devblogs for some time. I dont know if we will get some this year
  11. Its a good idea but i already know that im gonna get a headache
  12. Why is there so many beach boys at the beginning?
  13. I agree. But it should not work instantly, so you have a chance to escape before you pick it up if you're reacting fast enough.
  14. I dont even want to answer this anymore.
  15. Have you even read the FAQ and such? There will be talking, with three different ranges/volumes. Some SCPs will be able to jump out of the air (from the ceiling and such) and you can kill from behind if you're sneaky enough.
  16. I guess its the server owner that decides Since this game will be based on official servers, i guess cross-teaming is forbidden. At least to a specific point.
  17. Some of those gamemode-suggestions will be implemented in/be a part of the regular gamemodes: - CI Spies: Inflitration - lost agents on forest: Maybe Recon - Protect the [REDACTED] files: Inflitration About mechanics: There will be gasmasks, if they protect from 008 is unclear. Hazmat-Suits will porbably be implemented (high chance). THe map will be partially destructible, so SCPs will probably be able to break trough. If you have enough knowledge and time, you can make almost ANY of those suggestions in Sandbox.
  18. You will get something when donating. Donating will get unavaible some time after the release.
  19. 682 will probably be fully animated, becuase it will be an major SCP that will be the only target of a hole mission.
  20. Heck yeah, that would be nice
  21. Class-Ds will probably have no map but those NPCs will probably drop some stuff
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