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  1. The Global Occult Coalition (GOC) is my favourite group. Just think about it, very advanced tech to kill anomalies, it's so COOL!
  2. Yea but he doesn't stick the photo to the 173 body
  3. Can I do this: ? They denied it in the proposals to kill 682... But they can't deny a D-class from doing that during a containment breach... right? ;D ( http://www.scp-wiki.net/experiment-log-t-98816-oc108-682 )
  4. You sayed that there will be Chaos Insurgency and GOC, but will there be "less popular" groups of interests? Like The Serpent's Hand that would use the chaos of the breach to save some "humans" SCPs. Or like the The Church of the Broken God that would steal something related to the Broken God. Or some researchers of Prometheus Labs, Inc. that starts with strange items. Or some Are We Cool Yet artists that do things... ? (In reality I just want to know if I can be Nobody or L.S. ;D)
  5. It would be good to have a map at the start with the information that YOUR class need to know, for example class D could have on the map the way to infermery and cells, young researchers could have an euclid SCPs map and the exits while if you are an old researcher you can have all the site on the map. So this is very realistic (because you know what your class should know) and you can generate random maps without the problem of having MTF/researchers just going around randomly.
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