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  1. RadReed

    Rikboom's Staff Application

    +1 We are almost always in need of staff, due to our growing community. I believe you fit the bill.
  2. RadReed

    Forum/Discord Event

    Writing Event How it can/would serve a purpose: It would serve a purpose as it would enable activity in the server. Why I think it should be done: Everyone here enjoys SCP and Halloween ( hopefully). As there is currently a Halloween writing event on the SCP wiki, it would be interesting to have many members all brainstorming ideas, and helping critique each other work. How it can be done: Someone could make an announcement and state the day/time it would occur. It would help ensure that the wiki's contest has many more entries.
  3. RadReed


    We need to do some sort of event, just to make the server active. Like the custom item contest did.
  4. RadReed

    Eclipse's Staff Application

    -1 you only have ~50 messages
  5. RadReed

    Vault's Staff Application

    We don't do informants anymore
  6. RadReed

    If you could have any SCP irl

    Yeah but then you could just kill yourself for fun
  7. RadReed

    Vault's Staff Application

    Staff applications are currently closed, sorry about the inconvenience.
  8. RadReed

    Kite's Discord Staff Application

    +1 he is my child and I love him
  9. RadReed

    If you could have any SCP irl

    Probably SCP-963 just because it would be cool to live forever.
  10. RadReed

    Brillchen Staff Application

    +1 Brill is very active during the night which helps out a lot. How Brill deals with rulebreakers could need some work, but he will be trained in time.
  11. RadReed

    Suggestion: Suppressors

    It would be very cool to see suppressors in-game, but the reason most games add a decrease in damage is to balance it. Otherwise there would be no reason not to use a suppressor.
  12. RadReed

    A pressing matter (Not really)