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  1. will there be something special for early access
  2. scp 682 tail attack would be damn cool tho
  3. scp 372,scp 1471 , scp 1903 , scp 2006 , scp 3037(reaper) , scp 023 , scp 966 , scp 087 , scp 1678 and her minions and will there be dlc factions / scps
  4. will there be talking in game how we will hear voices stealth mechanics : like suprise attacks will scps able to jump from air with special animation kill or scps killing player from behind
  5. Will players can hide in vents and how scps will reach there (small ones can reach of course but others) where class d's will spawn (cells or during a test) chrouching - laying (with weapons or for hiding)
  6. How variant factions would be(playable ) like will there be serpents hand , recontainment teams , containment specialists ,- Memetics and infohazards division,Logistics Department,Rapid Response Team,Administrative Dep,intelligence Agency,Janitor,REDACTED,Medical Dep,O5Council,Chaos insurgency field commander,mtf field medic , mtf commander,guards - Ethics division - Security Department - 05 council - Multi-U - Medical division - Technical division -engineer dep. - internal security dep. - Various MTF and field agents -Sea,air operatives containments or surviving from scp 1-sea like example MTF Gamma-6 operatives trying to survive and capture scp 169 back and a chopper comes to rescue if we succes 2-air rescue objectives like some AI mtf operatives lost and we come with helicopter and evac them while fighting with a scp will there be something to counter camping like grenades or smoke grenades what scps will be playable in epidemic gamemode will players get to play as scp 008 victim warheads do you planning to add scp 001 and scp 899 (as recon gamemde) cameras- announcments ? Watch towers outside facility will there be waether (snow,thunder,etc) and day/night circle door oppening types ? like kicking or exploding (for breakable ones) escaping types like underwater,underground, escape animations like with helicopter and a boat maybe enviroment : scp 682 breaking thing with huge tail (as ability ) , roar effect scp 106 trail mtf dropoff /CI dropoff like mtf with chopper or CI with a truck or something how we will know when a scp is near Veichles İtems like : NVG ,vest will be appearance and how will vest work disguise system also Merry Christmas
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