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  1. It's missing certain SCPs I've seen them working on, such as SCP-106 and SCP-966. I don't know if these are the only missing ones
  2. Maybe you could list the numbers so they could answer
  3. Suggestion - SCP-3359 - The Dry Guy - when SCP-3359-1 attacks someone, they are disguised as a researcher for 30 seconds to 1 minute, until it is damaged, or attempts to attack other personnel. Other SCPs are capable of discerning SCP-3359-1 instances from standard personnel, and are unable to attack SCP-3359-1 instances. SCP-3359-1 instances, in researcher form, hold a standard scientist keycard, which can only be dropped when the disguise is over (this can be a way for personnel to tell if someone is an SCP-3359-1 instance or not). In researcher form, it is also capable of picking up and using other items. These items stay in the player's inventory while in dry form, but are unusable unless it is in a researcher disguise. In dry form, an SCP-3359-1 instance's speed is based on how many people are near it - the more people near it, the faster it is, the less people near it, the slower it is. It could be used in the Recon gamemode while players explore SCP-3359, as an added challenge. It could also be used in Blackout as another SCP, spawned in a pool-like area. The reason to add this SCP is because it would prove an interesting challenge towards players, causing them to double-check their teammates and make sure they're safe.
  4. I noticed that the SCP list isn't completely updated - missing certain SCPs that I have seen you work on, such as SCP-106, SCP-966, and possibly a few others that I am forgetting. Any chance you could update the list, and provide a brief summary of what the gameplay will be like for each SCP (i.e. SCP-940 - can you attack as SCP-940, or are you only able to infect; Does SCP-940 infection take time, or is it immediate; Is SCP-940 disguised in the beginning of the round until it is damaged, similar to SCP-939 in GFLClan's Breach gamemode on Gmod; SCP-049 - Does it turn corpses into zombies, or players; If corpses, can SCP-049 revive anhy corpse it finds, or can it only revive corpses from those it has killed; If players, does it immediately happen when SCP-049 attacks you, or is there a period where both the player and SCP-049 are unable to move; etc)
  5. Please excuse the grammar errors it's late at night and I'm tired right now...
  6. The following are a BUNCH of questions I have about the gameplay of SCP: Ascension. I don't exactly expect you to answer them all, but feel free to answer any of the questions you choose to answer. 1. If SCP-049 is added, will it only be able to turn players it killed into zombies, or is it able to turn any corpse it finds into a zombie? 2. Does 049 turn corpses into zombies, and if so is this immediate (pressing "E" button on a corpse), or does it take time like in SCP: SL (holding "E" button on corpse for like 1 to 5 seconds), or is 049 incapable of turning corpses into zombies, but instead players are turned into zombies as soon as 049 attacks them? 3. Are players able to force a blink (i.e. instead of waiting to blink before opening a door like you do in SCP: CB so that you don't get killed by 173)? 4. If players are able to force a blink, can they hold the blink for longer to avoid 096 (i.e. pressing "B" would force a blink but holding it allows the blink to temporarily last longer) 5. Do SCP-610 and SCP-940 infections take time, or are they immediate? 6. Is SCP-940 capable of damaging someone with their limbs? 7. Will SCP-940 work similar to GFLClan's SCP-939 in the Gmod gamemode "Breach", where the SCP is disguised as a scientist until it is damaged, or will SCP-940 be revealed from the start? 8. Will players get infected by SCP-940 by being killed by SCP-940, or will attacking and infecting be two different abilities held by SCP-940? 9. Canonically, SCP-073 is un-killABLE (pun very intended). Since that is pretty unfair to opposing teams, will damage be done to SCP-073, but a fraction of that damage done to the person damaging SCP-073, or will SCP-106 just have to capture SCP-073 to its dimension and hope he doesn't escape? 10. Is SCP-106 capable of pulling specific players out of its dimension? 11. Will speed be slowed in SCP-106's dimension? 12. Will SCP-106 be able to lay down traps for players (i.e. sludge that slowly brings players into SCP-106's pocket dimension if said player stands in it too long, like quicksand)? 13. Since you previously stated that there will probably be around 100 players in a game, how many D-Class, Researchers, SCPs, etc be in each round? 14. Will there be multiple instances of species-like SCPs, like SCP-939, SCP-940, and SCP-610, in one round, or will there only be one of each at the start of the round? 15. Will each SCP have a way of being contained other than termination, like SCP-106 in SCP: Secret Laboratory, or will the only way to contain SCPs be termination? 16. Will you be adding more SCPs to the game after it is fully released, if you find an SCP you want to add? 17. Since server owners will be able to mod SCPs into their server, what happens if you add an SCP that they modded in? Will it be replaced, or will there just be 2 SCP-whatevers roaming around? 18. Since you added SCP-173-B (I know it was because you don't want to be sued, but stay with me here) we now know that SCP: Ascension technically deviates from the canon (the canon that technically doesn't exist, but still), so is there any chance of adding other SCP-whatever-Bs? Even if it's just a re-texturing of an SCP, I kind of want to see how creative you guys can get given this opportunity. 19. I have seen multiple models of SCP-173-B - a skinny, tall one, and a short, arrowhead-shaped one. Which one did you guys decide to go with? 20. 100 players is a lot, and I have very few friends who know what the SCP Foundation is, but I don't know if they have heard of SCP: Ascension (which is weird because 1. Markiplier made SCP videos and 2. SCP Ascension is the definition of hype). What happens if you don't get as many players as you had hoped? 21. What platform(s) will SCP: Ascension be on? (I highly recommend all 3 - Windows, Mac and Linux, so that we are more likely to get enough players to have multiple servers running 100 players each. Since Macs can't handle very high graphics, you could add a low graphics mode. I personally have a windows, but 99% of my SCP-liking-friends have Macs, and I would hate to see them miss out on the action) 22. Will server owners be allowed to mod their servers to be completely non-SCP-related (i.e. a fantasy server with D-Class as peasants, Facility Guards as knights, mod in some dragons or something, etc, but it wouldn't be SCP-related at all) or will server mods have certain requirements? 23. Will server owners be allowed to mod NSFW content, and if so, will there be a way to censor said content? 24. In the Recon gamemode, you explore anomalous locations. What locations will this include (SCP-3001, SCP-093, SCP-087, SCP-106's pocket dimension, etc)? I didn't see any of them on the list, except for SCP-3001, which was described as "Most likely just a reference". 25. In the Recon gamemode, there will be "undocumented SCPs". Are said anomalies going to be called SCPs or just anomalies (since technically they haven't been classified as SCPs yet)? Will suggestions for said anomalies going to be taken? If so, will it have to be in the classic SCP format? Will the suggestions have to contain concept art? If so, what if you aren't a good artist? These are all the questions I have so far. Please answer as many as possible! Thank you!
  7. Will any SCPs who are canonically capable of speech (049, 682, 939 etc) be able to communicate with humans in the game? If so, will they have two separate buttons, one for speaking with humans, and one for speaking with SCPs, or will humans always hear what they are saying if they are nearby? If SCPs can talk to humans, will mutually beneficial cross-teaming be allowed (i.e. if 049 was at low health, or was stuck outside/inside a room that required a keycard to open, it could bargain with nearby players - if the player helps it, it will help the player/won't turn the player into a zombie)
  8. I have been looking for a complete list of the SCPs to be used in the game, to no avail, so here is my question - is there any chance to get a complete list of what SCPs you currently intend on adding, and (you don't have to do this next part, but it could be helpful in certain cases, such as 940 - are you only able to infect other players, or can you damage as well, is the infection immediate, or does it take time, if it takes time, how much time does it take, or is the amount of time random, etc) could you add a brief summary of how the SCP will be played? Could this list become an updating list, similar to how the item list updates when you add items? Thanks for your time, and there is nothing to worry about.
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